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What is Marma?

Ayurvedic marma treatment

Ayurvedic marma treatment Vyutpatti of word Marma Mru maneen jeevasthaane, Sandhisthaane tartare cha. Its meaning is explained as Sandhisthanam or Jeevasthanam. Etymologically each letter of the word Marma has got specific meaning.

Ma- means Prana or Vayu, Repha denotes house or seat. And hence marma means the site where Prana or vital energy resides. Definition of Marma “Marmaani Naama maamsa siraa snaayu asthi sandhi sannipatah; teshu svabhaavata eva praanatishtan ti” Acharya Susruta has defined marma as the anatomical site where Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Sandhi and Asthi meet together.

Also it the site where Prana (Vital energy) of the body resides. Agni, Soma, Vayu, Satwa, Rajah, Tamah, Bhuthatma and Panchendriyas are called Pranas. It engulfs all basic factors that sustain life

Acharya Charaka has opined that it is the site of Chetana, and hence the sense of pain will be more in this region compared to other parts of the body.

In Ashtanga Hridaya Acharya Vagbhatt has defined Marma as the site where Mamsa, Sira, Snayu, Asthi, Sandhi, and Dhamani confluence. He has also said that the sites which are painful, tender, and show unbearable throbbing after getting afflicted with an injury should also be considered as Marma Points.

Ayurvedic marma treatment
Ayurvedic marma treatment

Acharya Sushrut has clearly defined a total of 107 Marmas in our body. The points cover both the front and back of the body, including 22 on the lower extremities (11 in each), 22 on the arms (11 in each), 12 on the Thoracic, Abdominal region anteriorly, 14 on the Back, and 37 on the Head and Neck Marma points are located and measured by the finger widths, called anguli. Unlike the tiny, pin-pricked-sized points in comparable therapies like acupuncture, Marma points are relatively large and easy to find. They have also been classified on the basis of the effects they produce when injured into five different categories.

Marma Therapy:

Marma Therapy is the precise art of touching an individual in exactly the right place at a critical moment in time, for the purpose of healing. Marmas are the vital points that need utmost care while performing surgical procedures.

The details of marma are present not only in our scriptures but also in Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas apart from our Samhitas Varmam points and Varmalogy have been meticulously described in various Tamil literature. Also, ancient Indian martial arts called Kalari utilizes the knowledge of Varma points to a great extent.

Text Box: agurvsth March 2015The skill of a human being lies mainly in his efficiency to perform various actions with his hand. Acharya Susruta has mentioned, “Hastameva pradhaanatamam yantranam” (which means the human hand is the most important instrument). Major marma points correspond to the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body, while minor points radiate out along the thorax, abdomen, head, neck, and limbs.

Ayurvedic marma treatment

Marma therapy is an important tool for both disease prevention and disease treatment in Ayurveda. It can be used to balance the doshas, increase Agni (the digestive fire), for detoxification (reduce ama), as well as to promote energy (vajikarana) and aid in rejuvenation (Rasayana). It can be part of special clinical methods (like Pancha Karma) but also part of self-care and our daily health regimen. The treatment of marmas is primarily a matter of therapeutic touch through other methods that are also used.

Why Marma Therapy?

India is still a developing country having a low socioeconomic population that cannot afford much for ailments causing disabilities. Treatment of such ailments proves costly in Modern medicine as well as in Ayurveda by Shodhana and Shaman.

Despite of a large amount of research in this field, there is uncertainty regarding the best approach for the management of LBP. In the allopath systems at present, it is treated mainly with analgesics, which have their own side effects. Disc surgery remains the last option when all other strategies have failed, but the outcomes are disappointing.

Marma Therapy is a strategy to treat LBP

“A Marma point is the junction between physiology and consciousness,” says Ed after several pieces of evidence suggest its quick effectiveness and low economic cost.

How Marma Therapy works:

Marma points are specific areas on the body, which has related through Pranic channels to various

internal organs, doshas, and srotas. As the technique of massage developed, these points were used to stimulate the internal organs. As in Sushrut Samhita, Siravedha, Agnikarma, and Kshara karma have been discussed. In these treatments, certain points have been correlated with certain internal organs and doshas. Taking these preferences into account, Marma therapy has been developing.

One can control (stimulation or suppression) internal organs, doshas, and channels through various Marma points. As junction points between consciousness and physiology, they provide a window into the interchangeability of energy and matter. Danaher, Director of the Pancha Karma department at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical changes in one’s makeup.

Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind, and consciousness


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