1 of the Powerful Ayurvedic Treatment Marma Chikitsa.


marma chikitsa.

Marma Chikitsa

Marma Chikitsa Sciatica refers to back pain caused, by a problem with the sciatic nerve. This is a large nerve that runs from the lower back doom the back of each leg hoot this disorder can be treated through marma chikitsa.

Sciatica is neuralgia of the sciatic nerve which is characterized by pain radiating down through the buttocks and the back of thighs. The inflammation on the Sciatic nerve arises from the lower lumbar and sacral region of the spines and passes down across the buttock down the back of leg and split into two branches just behind and on top of the knee.

Sciatica pain can be felt along or pair of the pathway of rhe nerve and feeling of numbness, Grdhrasi in Ayurveda, where in, the pain originating from the region of Kati (waist) gets referred or travels down to the Sakthi (Thighs), Janu (Knees), Gulpha (Ankles) and to the Pada (foot) gradually, causing much agony to the patient. The causes for die occurrence of sciatic pain arc many. But the com­monest causes are Lumbar Spondylitis or Spondylolisthesis, Lumbar Strain, Sacro ileitis etc.

Marma Chikitsa

The word Marma means a tender full vital point, which is a conjugation of muscle, nerve, joint, bone, tendon, artery and vein either in combina­tion of two, three etc., or all the above structures. Sushruthacharya, defines Marma as “Marayanthi ithi marma” — which means, that certain vital anatomical locations in the body, when injured shall become painful and cause malfunctions of the local organs or even cause sudden death (marayanthi) of the individual.

The following marmas are afflicted with the stagnation (Aavarana) of doshas in case of sciatica. Katikataruna — Nitam- ba — Kukundara – Lohitaksha Urvi – Ani – Janu – Indrabasti – Gulpha – Kurcha – Talahrdaya – Ksipra. In my opinion, either all the marmas (very rare phenomenon) or a certain group of marmas (common phenomenon) are found to be involved.

The above mentioned marma points are stimulated by massage. Massaging will give the healing effects to specific areas of the mind-body system. Ap­plying a steady pressure on the marma point with the pulp of the thumb or with the tip of fingers (nail should be cut) for approximately 1-2 minutes for each marma is most effective. Marmas are sensitive areas so one has to b very careful while massaging these areas.


Marma Chikitsa

The stagnation of doshas around any 1,2 or almost all of the above marmas, in turn, get affected and block the flow of cosmic energy (Prana vayu) from Shat chakras to the destinated part (over here the leg). On manipulating the marma point, we are actually try­ing to displace or disperse the doshas, blocking the pathway of rhe cosmic energy. On having displaced either partially or completely, the symptoms start receding gradually or immedi­ately. Based on the concept of energy,

and as per my view, the energy actually starts flowing from Agna chakra (cen­ter of eyebrows) to Muladhara chakra (Sacral plexus) in downward direction (i.e. from an area of higher concentra­tion to a region of lower concentra­tion). For this reason, manipulation of proximal marmas followed by other marmas in the downward direction reaching the distally affected marma. When done in the above manner the patient gets a faster relief from the pain.

Marma Chikitsa
Marma Chikitsa

Whereas, if distal marmas are manipulated first, followed by the marmas present proximally ending in Katikataruna, it is observed that{a} either the pain gets relieved very slowly {b} the pain gets localized in any of the marmas present in the middle, causing severe agony to the patient. On having displaced either partially or complete­ly, the symptoms (Sciatic pain) start receding gradually or immediately respectively

The above said marma points should be manipulated by a technically sound physician, who has mastered the knowledge of the anatomical position of the structures involved, who has the ability to implicate and analyze the pathophysiology of the diseased portion of the body. Such a person is blessed to be alive so as to give relief to patients suffering from Sciatica.


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