6 Best natural weight loss supplements


Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements come in a wide variety and different purposes but the most common type is weight loss supplements. They actually give out many benefits but still, we need to also consider the potential health risks that it goes with. Whether we’re on our way to losing weight it is still important that we take care of our health and always prioritize our safety.

Reasons Why People Use Weight Loss Supplements

  • For weight loss
  • Considering it as an option to lose weight
  • To reduce fat absorption in the body
  • Speed up metabolism
natural weight loss supplements
natural weight loss supplements

Recommended Weight Loss Supplements

We know that when we lose weight, our health improves too. Although it can be a slow process, patience will have to rule within us because in the end the benefits are rewarding. There are several reasons as to why other people do not succeed in their weight loss supplements because they tend to be impatient with the results while some think that it’s just not working for them at all but despite all these, it is important to know what weight loss supplements are recommended for experts. Here are the recommended weight loss supplements by experts for weight loss:

  • Calcium
    We have to admit that when we hear this supplement, we first think of our bones but do you know that Calcium may also help in losing weight. Although there are conflicting studies that show if calcium does work for weight loss, still, there is a scientific explanation that says that calcium has a part in breaking down and storing fat.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
    Conjugated Linoleic Acid is actually a fatty acid that is found in naturally small amounts in red meat and dairy products. It is used a diet supplement and some people find it quite odd to use fat to fight fat. There have been studies that shown that it can actually help a person lose weight and increase lean body mass. But there is still a growing concern for its safety as well as its effectiveness. Its most common side effects are higher risks of inflammation and may affect cholesterol levels and liver tests so before using this, be sure to first contact your physician.
  • Fiber
    We are aware that one way of losing weight is by cutting back on the amount of food that you eat and fiber can actually help you with this. Fiber is best for weight loss because it delay the process of emptying the stomach and stays longer there give a fuller feeling for a long time. A good amount of fiber such as barn and psyllium are ideal for this. Remember to drink plenty of water when taking in fiber to avoid constipation.
  • Green Tea Extracts
    This may be a common weight loss supplement that we have heard of for weight loss. It actually helps a person lose weight by regulating the use of energy of the body. Another great benefit of green tea is how it can keep you lose weight and stay on that ideal weight.
  • Meal Replacements
    Perhaps one of the most well-known and effective weight loss supplements are meal replacements that come in the form of smoothies, shakes and bars. A little precaution when on a meal replacement is that you need to closely follow the directions in order for it to really work. This is usually done by keeping a close watch of your caloric intake. Most of the time meal replacements per meal only has 500 calories. It is not recommended that a dieter follows this drastically. It would be highly recommended that you first seek medical consultation for this.


  • They are assured to work for weight loss.
  • Proven to be safe and effective.


  • Some weight loss supplements make use of large amounts of useless ingredients in their products.
  • Other weight loss supplements claim to have a certain amount of good ingredients but actually really don’t allowing them to save loads of money on the cost of production.

Tips for Using Weight Loss Supplements

natural weight loss supplements
  • Make sure that the weight loss supplement you buy is approved by the FDA
  • For residents in the US, be sure to look for the ones that have the seal of the USP or United States Pharmacopeia because it means that it has undergone quality control testing
  • ALWAYS consult your doctor first before taking a weight loss supplement so that you learn about the possible side effects

As mentioned earlier, when looking for weight loss supplements do not forget that the most important thing to remember is safety first. Now that you know which weight loss supplements are recommended and work best for weight loss, be sure that these are what you will be looking for. But most importantly, before using them, consult your physician on which brands are most trusted by health care experts.


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