9 important simple way to breathing & meditation.


Meditation guide

This is one of the easiest forms of meditation which you can learn, it is one that can be done anywhere, at anytime without anyone even realising you are meditating. It is an excellent meditation for those times when you are feeling particularly stressed such as before a job interview, when problems arise at work, when your children are playing up or simply if you just need a few minutes to yourself during the day.


Tips to Meditation

* Start by choosing a position which feels comfortable to you, depending on the circumstances which you are doing your meditation this could be sitting upright, laying on the floor or bed or even standing.

* Allow the tension to fall away from your body by tensing the whole body and releasing the tension, feeling your body get a little heavier.

* When you feel tension has left your body begin to think about your breathing, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly and deeply

* Think about nothing else letting all other thoughts, worries or fears drift away, just continue breathing in through the nose concentrating on how your breathe feels as it enters your nostrils.

* Pause and hold your breathe for a few seconds concentrating on how the air feels in your lungs.

* Slowly let the air back out through your mouth concentrating on how it feels as is leaves your body, how your lungs feel with no air in them.

* Continue breathing in this way concentrating just on your body and your breathe noticing all the little elements that happen through breathing such as the way your chest rises and falls, how the air feels when entering the nostrils, feel the sensations the air has on your nose and lips when breathing in and out.

* Continue in this way as long as you feel comfortable or as you feel it is necessary.

* When you are ready to come back to the world let out a deep breath and slowly bring your mind back to reality, as you come back be aware of how good you feel and what differences meditating like this for such as short time has given you.


The more you practice this short meditation throughout the day the easier you will find it is to be able to recognise when you need to take time out to relax and how easy it is for you to become relaxed. The meditation will become easier the more you practice and you will be able to get your body to relax quicker with time.


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