9 Low Fat Diet Foods That Are Good For Your Health


Why Low Fat Diet Foods?

Starting on a low fat diet is actually not that hard as you may think. It can become much easier if you already knew what foods are considered to be low fat and which type of foods are to be avoided. People get into low fat diet mostly for the purpose of losing weight while some prefer to eat low fat diet foods in order to protect themselves from developing a heart disease or other illnesses.

Low Fat Diet Foods
Low Fat Diet Foods

What are considered to be Low Fat Diet Foods?

This may sound surprising but there are actually a lot of foods that are low in fat but they how they are cooked or prepared is what makes it high in fat content. Whichever food that you added with cream, oil and butter turns out to be high-fat food. So it is also important to consider how you prepare or cook your food when on a low fat diet. The following foods/food groups are considered low fat.

  • Fruits
    There is actually a long list of fruits that have no fat at all while some will have no fat content depending on the amount of serving. Non-fat fruits are apples, unsweetened applesauce, blueberries, figs, grapes, lime, orange, pears and peaches to name a few. For every cup of mango, strawberries, honeydew and pineapples there is no fat content while a small box of raisins, a single piece of plum and a large tangerine has zero fat.
  • Vegetables
    Just like fruits, there are also certain types of vegetables that have no fat content while some will have none as well depending on the amount of serving. Non-fat vegetables include carrots, lettuce, spinach, mushroom and potatoes. A cup of broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant have no fat.
  • Cereals
    There are certain kinds of cereals that have zero fat for every 1-cup serving so it would be best if you read the labels of the boxes of these cereals to double check its fat content.
  • Fish
    For every 3 ounces of certain types of fish, it still has no fat content and some of these fishes are yellow fin tuna, monkfish, Atlantic cod and even shrimp.
  • Meat
    For every 1 pound of chicken breast and light meat turkey it has a fat content of 1 gram.
  • Herbs
    Herbs such as garlic powder, sage, rosemary, black pepper and ginger have no fat content while there are also those that are low in fat such as peppermint, dill, basil leaves and spearmint.
  • Grain
    A cup of cooked rice actually does not contain any fat but a cup serving of enriched spaghetti, whole wheat elbow macaroni and white and wild rice has 1 gram of fat content where as a cup of regular elbow macaroni and cooked brown rice has 2 grams of fat.
  • Soup
    You can also include soup in your diet because there are low-fat soups such as chicken broth and dehydrated onion soup. There are also other soups that you may include such as canned tomato soup, dehydrated pea soup and dehydrated minestrone soup that have a total of 1 gram of fat.
  • Milk and Cheese
    Low fat milk that has 1% of milk fat contains 3 grams of total fat content. Yogurt that has 1% of milk fat has 2 grams of fat for every 8 ounces. As for low-fat cottage cheese that has 1% of milk has 2 grams of total fat.

What o avoid on a Low Fat Diet Foods?

Generally, foods that are high in fat content are to be avoided. These foods are:

Low Fat Diet Foods
  • Fatty red meat
  • Butter
  • Certain types of oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Processed meats such as hotdogs, salami, sausage

Common Misconceptions of a Low Fat Diet Foods

There are actually a lot of misconceptions that are linked to low fat diet foods which needs to be corrected. Here are the common misconceptions on low fat diet foods and the truth behind them.

  • Not all low fat foods are healthy
    There really are naturally low fat food but be careful of those foods that are commercially packed and claim to be “low fat”. We also wouldn’t want to imply that all these marketers are not honest but to be sure, always check on the label and the contents.
  • Low fat DOES NOT mean Low Calorie
    A lot of people tend to think that just because a food is labeled as “low fat” that it won’t make you fat. Actually it’s the calories you really have to watch out for and low fat does not equate to low calories. Although fat is the most calorie dense nutrient as it has 9 calories per gram, if tons of sugar is added to low fat food then it will be high in calories. The best thing to do is check on the calorie count of the low fat food you will be eating.
  • Low fat DOES NOT mean Nutritious at all times
    It is true that low fat foods are good because a diet like this will keep you away from diseases but not all low fat foods always fall on the category of healthy. As mentioned earlier, most low fat foods are enriched with loads of sugar so that food will come out tasty so be careful of the calories it contains.

The key to a healthy low fat diet foods is knowing what foods to pick. You need to remember that regardless of what diet you are in, you still need to put on with exercise. Even if you are conscious of the food you take in but still have no physical activity your diet will not be as healthy as it seems.


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