9 Simple Ways To Make Extra Money Online For College Students


Make Extra Money Online For College Students

Make Extra Money online – Are you a student who has limited financial resources? Are you a student who wants to be financially independent from your parents? You can learn to pay tuition and books on your own way. Just online to make money online .

You will find so many opportunities to make money without you having to run a business – no office rental, no employees, no boss, no definite working hours, and no uniform.

With only a set of personal computer, a laptop, or a table and internet connection, you can be a boss from your dorm room. The following are nine ways for college students to make money online:

1. Freelance Writer – Make Extra Money Online

Make Extra Money Online

Are you fond of writing interested and informative articles? Then, this is the first job opportunity you can try; it is also one of the best-paying jobs for college student. As a freelance writer, you can work from home and write articles, which are assigned to you based on the pre-specified topics and length.

The materials may vary widely, from health, business, beauty, fashion, hobby, to automotive and sports. The clients also vary, from bloggers to website owner.

Then, you get paid based on the number of articles, which you write. The payment system may be hourly, weekly, monthly, or even per project, which you finish.

Right now, there are increasing numbers of content writing agencies to which you can join after passing the required criteria. As long as you can writer in a good composition and informative way, you can be a successful freelance writer.

2. Online Tutor – Make Extra Money Online

Do you excel in math, physics, or biology? If yes, you can be an online tutor for elementary, junior, or senior school students. You know, many students out there are distressed because of math or physics and many other parents are looking for a tutor to help their kids.

Being an online tutor is a great job for college students. Besides earning money on your own way, you can also train your self with the specific subject.

To be an online tutor, you can join a tutoring provider website. There, you may be tested with specific subject through chat. Just prove that you are capable of becoming an online tutor for the subject, and then, you get paid per hour, per session, or even per day.

3. Selling Stock Photography – Make Extra Money Online

This is a great opportunity for college students who love photography. If you have nice collections of photos in various categories, such as plants, animals, automotive, fashion, technology, and many more, you can turn them into cash.

You can prepare a portfolio and send them to several websites. The photos are useful to be used as wallpaper, advertising photos, article image, or brochure.

You know, many website owners, bloggers, and digital printing website owners out there are faced with Digital copyright problems because of unauthorized photo usage. Therefore, you can sell your collections and get money.

4. Working for Data Entry – Make Extra Money Online

You might never imagine that you can earn money while being at the college by working as an online data entry. Does it seem unusual? However, this is a real job. What you do is copying product descriptions into an online store or a website.

More interestingly, this is a repetitive kind of job; therefore, you just need to learn at the first days. Some websites even provide you with initial training before the job begins.

It may not pay as interestingly as freelance writer, but it is great for first-year students who do not have experience and much spare time.

5. Writing an E-BookMake Extra Money Online

This job may go in line with your job as a freelance article writer. The difference is that e-book is longer than article is. E-book is usually about “how-to” guides on interesting things.

You can collect the materials by browsing the internet and compile them into an informative and interesting e-book. You can sell it through many channels, such as Amazon, ClickBank, or Lulu.

Alternatively, you can sell the e-book to a website owner, in case that the topic and niche are relevant to the website.

6. Joining Online SurveyMake Extra Money Online

You know, many businesses require market research before launching their new products, new services, or new branch office.

Market research is important to find out whether a product will sell or not, or to find out the existing problems faced by a business. You can join the online survey, which is usually held via email, phone, or web.

For this, you can join online survey agencies. Your payment may vary widely, from cash, coupons, or bonus products. The standard payment for cash is usually based on the number of survey, in which you participate.

This can be alternative opportunity to earn extra money, even though the amount is not so substantial. Just give your opinion based on the questions and get paid!

7. BloggingMake Extra Money Online

Ten years ago, few people could imagine earning money as a blogger. Now, many college students earn much money by blogging.

You can build your own blog (many of them are free!) on the topics, which you love, such as food, automotive, fashion, health, real estate, and many more. Post interesting contents to attract many visitors.

There are many ways, which you can try to get money from blogging. You can post product-review articles and get the money from advertisers.

You can also use pay-per-click platform or Google AdSense. A simpler way is just selling your blog to another blogger when it has been so popular and ranked well by Google.

8. Selling crafts onlineMake Extra Money Online

Aha, do you love making small crafts like key holders, doll, wallet, clutches, or many small items using materials like flannel, spun bond, used stuffs, or scrap wood, or patchwork? You can make them at home during your spare them and sell them online.

You can make use of international marketplaces, such as Etsy to sell them or local marketplace in your country. Alternatively, if you have a blog, just post the images and specifications on the blog.

Also try Shopify

9. Being Micro-WorkersMake Extra Money Online

Some people also called this miscellaneous work. Yes, you can help people doing small things and get paid based on what you do.

For instance, you can transcribe a movie, write a product review, find relevant images for a blogger, build links for a webpage, send faxes to someone’s clients, or share a product link on your social media.

They are small things, which other people may not imagine. You can work during weekend and get spare cash. Try Fiverr for an example.

Also try FiverUp

Those are some interesting jobs for college students who need extra cash or need real money to pay tuition. However, before picking one of them, make sure you learn much about each of the options and find out the requirements, advantages, and disadvantages. Then, you can enjoy the job and get cash.


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