Advantages and disadvantages of Slim fast Diet


Slim fast Diet

The Slim fast Diet all began way back in 1977. It launched a product line of the Thompson Medical Company which was founded by S. Daniel Abraham in the 1940s where it was made known because of the selling of the controversial dietary supplement Dexatrim and by 1987, Abraham made the brand private and was later on acquired by another company, Unilever by 2000.

What is the Slim fast Diet?

Slim fast Diet
Slim fast Diet

Slim Fast is actually a brand of shakes, snacks, packaged meals, bars and other dietary supplement foods that are being sold in different countries—US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland and Latin America. It actually promotes weight loss plans and diets that involve its own line of food products. The brand first worked on promoting shakes and eventually launched a line of soups, pasta, meal-in-one bars and snacks. These foods will serve as meal replacements instructing its dieters to eat six times a day. The Slim-fast Diet actually has a 4-step approach to lose weight and similar to other diets it also places importance on portion control, proper eating habits, regular exercise and support.

The Goal of Slim fast Diet

The goal of the Slim fast Diet is to teach dieters to keep away from eating foods that are high in fat and calorie dense foods. The dieters are taught to eat foods that are high in fiber and vitamins thus promoting a healthy eating habit. The meals offered by the Slim-fast Diet offers great convenience because it is calorie controlled. The diet also aims on educating its dieters and providing them with the needed tools that are needed to promote a healthy lifestyle for weight loss. There is much importance placed on the right portion size of the meals as well as making the right food choices when at home or eating out.

How does the Slim fast Diet work and how long should a dieter stick to it?
The Slim-fast Diet plan is very easy to follow. The main principle of this weight loss program is portion control in order to control calories which also involve controlling fata and starches. When a dieter burns more calories than what is eaten weight loss eventually occurs. Through the Slim-fast products the diet becomes much easier to stick to and it is flexible enough to meet personal tastes and needs. The following are what the Slim-fast diet offers to its dieters.

Customized meal plans

Slim fast diet strong believes that personalized meals are the best option because of the fact that we have different needs and reacts differently on food. The weight loss program also has the principle that instead of changing one’s lifestyle, it would be best to incorporate healthy habits which is much easier and effective. Questions will be given to the dieter and from the results, meals will be created for everyday of the month and changes may be done upon the request of the dieter. Dieters may also prepare their own food if they want which can be arranged upon registration.

Slim fast diet

Physical activity
A good weight loss plan believes that a healthy weight loss should be paired with exercise. Just like the meals, physical activities are also being personalized according to the preference of the dieter.

Online Diary/Journal
This is an essential tool in the Slim fast diet in order to monitor the progress of the dieter. This is also where nutritional intake and activities are being recorded. From here, a dieter may come up with patterns that are easy for them in order for the process of weight loss to be safe and done in a healthy way.

Support groups
There is a greater chance of succeeding in losing weight when a support network is available. It allows people with the same goal to socialize and it becomes easier for them to understand and find answers while they are doing it.

The Slim fast diet claims that if a dieter sticks to the plan in the first six months, a person may lose up to 10% of the body weight which is at a rate of losing 2 lbs. in a week.


  • It is easy and convenient because of its meal replacements which you can bring anywhere
  • No meal planning is needed or close counting of the calories or even measuring food portions
  • A dieter can lose weight fast if less calories are eaten
  • It is very flexible which can be easily incorporated to anyone’s lifestyle
  • It encourages exercise and other healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water
  • Less expensive compared to other popular diets
  • Has online support systems available for those who concerns need to be addressed


  • Its calorie content is too low for long term weight loss because it only allows a dieter to take in 1,200 calories per day
  • Can cause hunger pangs amongst dieters because there are those who take in 2 shakes a day with a piece of fruit
  • Might not suite everyone’s taste because of the meal replacement products it offers
  • May be difficult to maintain on a long term basis

Who can benefit from the Slim fast Diet?
The Slim fast diet is ideal for people who have hectic schedules. It can be ideal for people who are always eating on the run because of the pre-packed meal replacements that the diet offers.

Celebrities who have used Slim fast Diet
Celebrities who have actually used the Slim fast diet are Tom Lasorda, Kathie Lee Gifford, Whoppi Goldberg and Oprah to name a few.

The Slim fast Diet has helped thousands if not millions of people over the past three decades. Although much controversy is being faced by this diet, it would be best that before you start using it, be sure to consult your doctor to make sure that it is the diet for your weight loss.


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