All you need to know about the Powerful Herbal Weight Loss Facts


Herbal Weight Loss Basics

In our modern world, more and more people are enticed to get into different health practices most especially those who have weight problems and a recent craze on slimming is with the help of herbs. There are indeed specific kinds of herbs that have gained popularity for its capacity to help a person reduce weight. However, there is still so much we need to understand about herbal weight loss. As harmless as it may seem, we still need to consider the fact that we are still dealing with our health here which is why it is very important that we educate ourselves and know the right info about herbal weight loss before we even start using it.

Herbal Weight Loss
Herbal Weight Loss

There is still not enough scientific study done to support herbal medicine for weight loss and we have yet to fully understand its side effects which is why the golden rule here is to first seek expert opinion from our health care providers.

What do you mean by Herbal?
Herbal refers to a series of descriptions of plants that are being put together for medicinal purposes. These descriptions are the plant’s medicinal, tonic, culinary, toxic, hallucinatory, and aromatic or even the legends. It is with herbals where plants are easily identified.

Herbs Best for Weight Loss
With the many herbs out in the market claiming to be the best and most effective for people who want to lose weight, it could be quite hard to pick the right one. We also need to take into consideration that one may work for another but not for you. It would really help a lot if you found out more about herbs and how they work for weight loss. Before knowing the recommended herbs for losing weight, there are two types of thermo genic herbs for weight loss:

  1. Herbs with stimulant properties that aids in body functions such as nettle, dandelion and green tea.
  2. Herbs with diuretic effects in order to aid in removing excess fluids the only problem with these types of herbs is that after using them there is that big chance of weight gain.

Safe and Recommended Herbs for Weight Loss

  • Green Tea – this is perhaps one of the most well-known herb that helps in weight loss and is loaded with antioxidants compounds such as vitamin C and flavonoids. It is being sold in tea bag form, capsule form or crushed leaves that can be soaked in water.
  • Cayenne – slowly gaining popularity for weight loss because it is mainly known as an herb used in cooking. Aside from its capacity to add flavor to food it also helps in speeding up a person’s metabolism because it contains capsaicin which stimulates saliva and digestion thus an accelerated metabolism. This is great for people who loves spicy foods.
  • Seaweed – this herb contains trace minerals like iodine which stimulates our thyroids. It does not really fall under the category for herbs but it may aid in weight loss and you may take it in natural form and capsule or tablet form.

Herbal Weight Loss herbs you should Avoid

  • Ephedra – this is perhaps one of the most dangerous herbs because studies show that it has hundreds of side effects to humans as it mostly acts on the central nervous system which commonly causes heart palpitation, chest pain, seizures, stroke, heart attack and even death.
  • Herbal laxatives – these usually come in the form of commercial diet tea, aloe, senna, buck Thom and rhubarb root. It commonly causes cramping and diarrhoea and if it is used in a long time, it may damage the bowels or at worst cases stop its natural function.
  • Herbal fen-phen – also known as fen-fen, this herb is very harmful because its main ingredient is ephedra which can cause irregular heartbeat, heart attack, stroke and at worst cases death.
Benefits of Herbal Weight Loss
Herbal Weight Loss

There are numerous health benefits that we can get from losing weight using the right herbs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even a slight weight loss decrease can improve a person’s blood pressure level and lower blood cholesterol and sugar levels. Apart from these, a person may also experience high energy and physical activity levels which results to a better mood.

How does herbal weight loss work?

The use of herbal medicine to lose weight works by means of one of the three (3) pharmacological effects. Phytochemicals found in plants actually contain diuretic properties which can increase urination. There are also other chemicals found in plants that accelerate a person’s metabolism through the stimulation of the central nervous system or thyroid gland. There are also other types of herbs that contains agents that work by tricking the brain into getting that feeling of being full by increasing the brain chemicals called serotonin which is also known as the “feel good hormone”.

Herbal Weight Loss Tips
There are numerous herbal weight loss supplements out in the market that emphasize the main reason as to why people gain weight and this is overeating. Most of these herbal weight loss supplements work by suppressing a person’s appetite so that you will always feel full or not have the urge to eat. In order to find out more about these herbs for weight loss, below are a few tips on how you can classify and understand the mechanism of different types of herbs and how to go about it.

  • Take note of the side effects and interactions brought about by herbs for weight loss
    Before you start drinking or taking in herbs that claim to work for weight loss, make a little research of your own about it and how safe it is for use. You can first browse for its website and be sure to check its reputation too. Make sure that you are well aware of the side effects that it may bring and see if it is worth the risk. If you happen to be taking in herbs form medication, herbal weight loss may cause a negative effect imposing a health risk so educate yourself about it first and most importantly, check with your physician about it.
  • Other herbs work more as an enhancer
    There are certain herbal weight loss products that work by enhancing the body’s ability to work on a specific function like metabolizing food so that weight gain won’t happen.
  • Make sure to take in the right dosage
    As much as you want to lose weight right away, it is very important that you do not take in more than what is recommended. There are times when an herbal product actually has more active ingredients than what is written on its label making it very risky to take in a higher dosage.
  • Do not forget to include diet and exercise even when on herbal weight loss
    It doesn’t mean that just because you are on an herbal weight loss, you’ll leave everything to it. You also need to place extra effort on working towards losing weight the healthy way. It is essential that you have a good diet plan and regular exercise as it can help in having a healthy heart and tones your muscles.
  • Be sure to report side effects
    If you happen to experience side effects of the herbal weight loss supplement you’re taking and causes increased blood pressure, seizure, bleeding or anything that is health threatening be sure to inform your physician about this.

Herbal weight loss products do have side effects and could even interact when taken with other drugs. This is one of the many reasons why it is very essential for a dieter interested to undergo herbal weight loss to first seek consultation from health experts before taking any herbal products.

Whichever type of herbal weight loss product you use, it will only be effective if you accompany it with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Losing weight even with the use of herbal products is not just about the herbal product itself but making healthy choices and making necessary changes in your lifestyle if you really want to succeed. Going out every day for a 10-minute walk can already go a long way. As a dieter, you must also do your part to shed off those extra pounds.


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