Amazing 10 Benefits of Supta Vajrasana in weight loss.


Supta in Sanskrit means “in sleep”. In this Asana you have to lie down after doing Vajrasana. As you are lying down in Vajrasana it is called “Supta Vajrasana”.


Sit on a blanket or a carpet in Vajr-Asan. Now stand up on your knees. Then bend a little with legs spread apart as shown. By doing this you can now sit on the floor instead of sitting on your heels. When seated on the floor the entire position from the knees upto the toes should be touching it. Bring both the knees together or keep them a little apart. Keep both hands on both ankles or heels, put the left elbow on the ground first and then the right.

Slowly put the back of the head on the floor. Hold your ankles with your hands and by putting pressure on your elbows lift up your back with your head on the floor. Stretch out your chest and place your hands on your thighs. Breathing should be normal. This is the final stage of the Asana. Hold on comfortable as long as possible. Then come back to the former position with the help of your elbows. Straighten your legs and relax in shavasana.

Benefits Supta Vajrasana

Supta Vajrasana
Benefits Vajrasana

Supta Vajrasana is good for the feet, the stomach and the chest. Diseases related to the chest, lungs, neck, waist and buttocks can be cured by the regular practice of this Asana. It has a beneficial effect on the intestine and reproductive organs of both male and female. Most of the feminine complaints can be resolved by doing this Asana.


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