Amazing benefits of 7 days Cabbage soup diet for weight loss.


Cabbage soup diet there are many diets in the world today. Choosing between the diets is one of the most difficult things you will do if you are interested in loosing weight. The thing you have to keep in mind when you diet is your health. While some diets say, you will lose weight in seven days by the diet you need to realize it can compromise your health. You see if you lose weight to fast you can compromise you health.

You will also gain the weight back more quickly when you lose it at a fast rate because you tend to go back to your old eating habits. The best way to diet is having well rounded meals while you eat less and exercise. Sometimes a diet may not work so you have to seek other alternatives. If you are interested in the cabbage soup diet then you need to learn a little more about it.

Cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet is based on eating cabbage soup for your meals. There is a seven-day plan with this cabbage soup diet. The suggestion that if you follow this diet for the seven days you will lose weight.

7 day cabbage soup diet:

Day one of the cabbage soup diet starts with all this soup you want, any fruit except for bananas, and limited drinks. You should drink water, black tea, or cranberry juice.

Day two has you eating vegetables, though it suggests you stay away from dry beans, corn or peas. You can also have a baked potato for dinner. The cabbage soup diet asks that you do not eat fruit on this day, and that you eat as much soup as possible.

Day three of this soup diet is a combination of day one and two. You cannot have a baked potato, but you can have all the vegetables, fruit and soup you want.

Day four should include as many as eight bananas and as much soup as you want with at least eight glasses of skim milk. The idea behind day four is that you no longer crave fruits.

Day five of the cabbage soup diet is when you can have protein. This means you can only have 10- 20 ounces of beef, along with six fresh tomatoes. You can eat at least one bowl of soup. If you wish, you can substitute chicken or fish for the beef.

Day six: you can eat beef and vegetables with at least one bowl of soup. You may not have a baked potato.

Day seven of the cabbage soup diet includes brown rice, unsweetened juice, and vegetables along with your soup. You cannot have bread, alcohol, or any soda at all.

While this may look like you can lose a lot of weight, you need to consider how you will eat after you have lost the weight. You should no longer want the sweet foods on the cabbage soup diet, but you will have to keep track of the amount of calories you are eating. The idea behind any diet is to eat enough that you feel great, but not over eat.


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