Anti-Aging Tips – 5 Healthy Foods to Stay Young Forever


Anti-Aging Tips

About the time most people hit the age of 30 they began to deny the aging process. The vast majority of those who deny this process do nothing to help curtail it. Getting older is a fact of life.

However, the old saying “if you are not living, you’re dying.” A huge segment of the population continues to use drugs and surgical means to maintain the façade of youth. While the largest segment of the population goes merrily about their way and does nothing but a growing segment of the population are finding that the diet that they choose to eat makes a huge impact on the quality of their life.

These people have found five of the greatest life extension foods known the man and are using them in an anti-aging battle for the centuries.



High-fiber foods- Anti-aging

It has long been proven the body in motion stays in motion. The more active a person remains the better they are able to deal with the aging process. Anti-aging and nutritional experts believe that this process of movement is not only good for the outside body but also for the inside body.

As the years go by, toxins and pollutants continue to build up inside your system so by increasing the amount of raw natural fiber that you take in, regardless of the source, the better your body is able to move the use pollutants through and out of your body.

Rolled oats, natural breads, brown rice, and most hard flesh fruits added to your diet can make a significant difference in your long-term health.

Adding color to your diet- Anti-aging

Adding large numbers of green leafy vegetables and other colorful vegetables will help you to achieve that much healthier inside and outside. Green and very colorful festivals contain high levels of antioxidants. The amount of research on how antioxidants help to reverse the aging process continues to grow every year. These foods help to maintain integrity of your skin, your eyesight, and to fight off debilitating and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Take care of your bones- Anti-aging

It’d be hard to imagine living in the house where the foundation is cracking and beginning to fall away and yet many people refuse to take care of their own foundation. Bones require calcium and other minerals with which to maintain their ability to allow the body to move and stand.

Foods high in calcium are very important as people age. As we age our bodies are less able to absorb the calcium from the foods that we choose to eat so many cases one of the first supplements that we need to take this one of calcium.

We all know that most dairy products are high in calcium however, there are a large number of non-dairy foods that are also high in calcium. These foods include sesame seeds, kale, spinach, kelp, broccoli, Brazil nuts, almonds, and oranges.

Going green when you take a drink

Green tea has long been known as one of the leading foods when it comes to being high in antioxidants. As discussed earlier antioxidants help stave off all types of diseases, help the immune system grow stronger, and add a certain energy to the body.

Green tea is just now becoming a popular drink in the Western culture and the effects are now beginning to be seen as more and more people get into the habit of drinking green tea. Even though green tea is naturally low in caffeine, it still provides an energy boost to most people because of the high levels of items found in the strict.

Don’t slip up when it comes to fish

Fatty fish from cold water sources provide high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids. These nutrients help the body by lubricating the joints, increase the ability of the brain to process information, and provide elasticity to the skin.

Eating fish 1 to 2 times per week to reduce your chance of coronary artery disease, arthritis, and even blindness. While fish is not always available to everyone the benefits can be received from a number of plant sources and from high-quality purified fish oil supplements.

When thinking about and planning your diet keep these foods in mind and put their anti-aging benefits to work for you. A balanced diet coupled with keeping your body in motion can do more to keep you young and healthy that anything on the market.

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