The best Ayurvedic treatment 4 Migraine and NASYA Chikitsa




By coping up with speed and accurate type of modern lifestyle, people are facing hectic, competitive life, which are making them impossible to take care of their health. Along with this, irregular food habits, suppression of natural urges, lack of proper sleep and less time for relaxation are becoming the part and parcel of life.

 All these habits together will act as the causative factors for many diseases usually of psychosomatic origin; the commonest among them is Migraine. It is a common disabling paroxysmal headache usually characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head with nausea and/or vomiting (stomach upset) and focal neurological disturbance (usually visual).

Migraine for Women

It is far more common in women and there is a hereditary predisposition towards migraine attacks. The sufferers are usually in the age group of 30- 50yrs.

Migraine treatment

In classics, nasa is mentioned as the gateway of Shiras and the drugs administered reaches the Shiras and eliminates morbid doshas responsible for producing the disease, i.e., drug administered through nostrils, reaches Shringataka by taking route of Netra, Shrotra, Kanta, Siramukhas etc., scrapes the morbid Doshas and extracts them from the Uttamanga.

The mucous membrane of the nose is highly vascular and the drug administered through nose is absorbed by capillaries. Nose, nasopharynx is the most accessible mucous membrane of the body,and are the best absorbing surfaces.

The high vascularity of the nose facilitates the absorption, mucous membrane of nose can readily absorb many drugs; digestive juices and liver are bypassed. High lipid solubility for the drug favors its absorption. Mucous membrane absorbs ipophilic drugs. A lipid soluble drug diffuses by dissolving in the lipoidal matrix of the membrane and attains higher concentration in the membrane which diffuses quickly and absorb directly through the lining membrane of cell. Also lipid soluble drugs have delayed action and acts longer.


It is also known that, where any type of irritation takes place in any part of the body, the local blood circulation increases. When provocation of doshas takes place in Shiras due to irritating effect of drug through nasya, it causes an increased blood circulation to brain. Hence, the morbid doshas are expelled out from even a small blood vessels and finally put out by the nasal discharge, tears and by salivation.


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