Best Healthy Desserts for Kids


Healthy Desserts for Kids

Everyone wants desserts—most especially kids! But the main concern about most parents is the nutritional content of these sweet treats. The good thing is being healthy offers plenty of alternatives even desserts. Making desserts don’t need to be time consuming or complicated. In fact, all it takes is to find out the easy healthy desserts for kids. You will be surprised how these healthy desserts for kids can be good–tasting too.

Healthy Desserts for Kids

Healthy Desserts
Healthy Desserts
  • Homemade Popsicles

This icy treat is super tasty without offering any fat because you have the option of making them without having to add cream or milk. You can make use of fruits for this and squeeze out the juice in them or you can freeze the fruits and puree them until smooth. Add in some water if you wish and place them on an ice cube tray and freeze them overnight. If you want make it more interesting for your kids, place them on ice-pop molds.

  • YogHealthy Dessertsurt Delights

This is a very easy to make dessert loaded with vitamins. All you need is yogurt and some fruits. You first chill the yogurt and when it’s dessert time, top it with fresh fruits that your kids love. Most of the time, kids love berries but you can also add in just about any fruit your kids like. Make it more interesting by adding in chopped nuts and low fat granola.

  • Healthy Sundaes

Making homemade sundaes is a breeze! Using low fat yogurt or ice cream as your base and from here, it’s your time to get creative with the toppings. There are plenty of options that you can use as topping such as raisins, chopped nuts, whole grain cereals, a dash cinnamon or cocoa power or even fresh fruit. If your kids love cookies, you can crush them and place them on top. If you have chocolate-lovers, then purchase dark chocolate syrup and add it on top or a few chocolate chips if you like.

More Ideas for Healthy Desserts for Kids

Healthy Desserts

The cheapest and easiest desserts are perhaps fruits. The key here is to make it interesting for your kids when you serve them. A good example would be freshly sliced apples where you can place on a plate and add in a few sprinkles of cinnamon powder.

For bananas, you have the option of slicing it and topping it with dark chocolate syrup. You can also use sweet corn by removing kernels from the cob and place it on a bowl and add in condensed milk, some water to make the milk less thick and chill and when it’s time for dessert, serve. Fresh vegetable sticks are not just great side dishes but can also work for dessert. Cut out celery or carrots or any vegetable of your choice and prepare some hummus dip. It may not be sweet but will definitely pass for dessert.

Offering desserts to your kids will show them that being a healthy eater doesn’t mean eating boring food. It’s just really about choosing healthy foods and knowing the right ingredients that you want it go with. Getting creative to coming up with these healthy desserts for kids goes a long way. When you instill in your kids eating healthy food including desserts, they will be bringing this practice until they get older making it a part of their balanced diet.


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