Best Herbal Kidney Failure Drugs Without Dialysis


Who wants to do dialysis with a frequency of at least once a week? Of course, in addition to the effects and costs, many people don’t want it. This dialysis treatment is specifically for patients with kidney failure where the kidneys are no longer able to function as usual so they must be assisted through dialysis. Alternative medicine for kidney failure patients who want to get cured only by consuming herbal kidney failure drugs without dialysis , for those who want to know whether kidney failure drugs are able to overcome the problems surrounding this kidney organ. Let’s look at the information below first!

Kidney Failure Drugs
Kidney Failure Drugs

Kidney Failure

There are a pair of kidney organs that are shaped like beans in the human body which are located at the back of the waist which have important functions and roles for the metabolism of the human body, actually the kidneys created by God have a greater performance than the metabolism of the body itself. This means that one kidney is actually enough to carry out metabolic processes in the human body every day, but of course the kidney itself is not immune to disease, one of which is kidney failure.

In the medical world, kidney failure is divided into two types based on the level of damage experienced by the kidneys, namely chronic kidney failure and acute kidney failure and also distinguishes how to handle and treat kidney failure Chronic kidney failure is a condition of kidney damage that occurs gradually and can still be cured with proper treatment such as taking medical drugs or herbal medicinal products for chronic kidney failure, in contrast to the condition of acute kidney failure where the kidneys are no longer able to do their job to filter the blood which is of course a very vital thing for the human body and the effects it causes. very bad for health.

Kidney Failure Drugs

Patients with acute kidney failure usually have to take treatment for serious kidney failure to achieve recovery, one of which is hemodialysis or it could be a kidney transplant which requires large costs and procedures that are not easy because they have to find a suitable kidney donor.

Chronic kidney failure if left unchecked and not handled properly will also enter a stage of increasingly severe damage and will become acute where recovery from kidney failure will be very difficult because kidney damage has reached 80%.

Signs that are often felt when the kidneys are impaired include:
• Increased frequency of urination, especially at night.
• There is a rash on the skin and itching due to dirty blood.
• Urine bleeds.
• Cramps occur in certain areas.
• Loss of appetite.
• There is swelling in certain areas due to excess body fluids.
• Insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

Factors Causing Kidney Failure

Of course, kidney failure has certain causes that cause damage to the kidney organs apart from genetic factors or because of kidney defects from birth, many other factors such as environmental factors or lifestyle can also trigger kidney damage. Among other factors, the causes are:
1. The older a person is, the more at risk of having kidney problems.
2. Effects of chemical drugs in the long term.
3. Kidney organs have experienced physical injury due to hit / fall.
4. The body is obese / overweight.
5. Inhaling cigarette smoke for a long time.
6. High levels of cholesterol in the blood.
7. Have hypertension / high blood pressure.

Several risk factors for chronic kidney failure can also be caused by diseases related to kidney function itself so that it can directly / indirectly cause kidney failure, including:
1. Renal Artery Atenosis or the condition of damaged arteries leading to the kidneys. .
2. Kidney stones due to excessive uric acid.
3. Diabetes type 1 and type 2.
4. The prostate gland is swollen resulting in impaired urine disposal.
5. Bladder has an infection / disorder.
6. Kidney infection occurs by viruses and bacteria.
7. Urine flows back into the kidneys resulting in kidney poisoning (versicoureteral reflux).
8. The appearance of cysts in the kidneys (Polycystic Kidney Disease).

For those of you who want to live a healthy life without any problems with your kidneys, you will definitely try to live a healthier life and prevent damage to your kidneys. Here are some tips to maintain the health of your kidneys so that they can function properly:

  1. Even though the kidneys have been damaged but can still process the water that enters the body, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
  2. Check your blood and urine regularly, this is very useful for detecting kidney damage early before it becomes acute.
  3. Reduce consumption of salt and fat that can burden the performance of the kidneys.
  4. Diligent physical activity and exercise.
  5. Reduce smoking habits, free radicals and very dangerous addictive substances in cigarettes can damage and reduce the function of your kidney performance.
  6. Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages, because the content in alcohol will force the kidneys to work even harder for the disposal process, thus triggering kidney dysfunction and damage.
  7. Regular consumption of traditional medicine for kidney failure for prevention.

Herbal Kidney Failure Drugs To Treat Without Dialysis

Of course, to deal with kidney failure, you need advice and opinions from experts or kidney specialists to prevent things from getting worse. You can try an alternative solution for treating kidney failure without side effects, namely by using a therapeutic package of kidney failure herbal medicinal products that have been clinically tested and proven effective to restore the function of the kidney’s performance. Here are three herbal medicine products for kidney failure without dialysis that can be used as packages for the treatment of kidney failure:

Kidney Failure Drugs

1.     Amazon Berries Herbal Medicines for Chronic Kidney Failure Herbal
remedies for kidney failure Amazon Berries contain high levels of anti-oxidant and multivitamin compounds which are needed in the recovery process of damaged kidneys. The composition of this herbal medicine for kidney failure consists of extracts of acai berry, mangosteen, grape, black plum, guarana, acerola, and acacia fiber. These fruits contain compounds such as anthocyanins, xanthones, ribovlafin, thiamine, guaranine, oxalic acid, and resveratrol which function to improve metabolism in the body, including in regenerating damaged cells in the kidneys so that the kidney function can be restored as a blood filter.

2.     Amazon Plus Traditional Kidney Failure
Medicine Herbal medicine for kidney failure Amazon Plus is useful for restoring and restoring the work functions of organs in the body and increasing the immune system damaged by viruses / toxins in the body. Amazon plus consists of extracts of acai berry, blue berry, red pomegranate, mangosteen, and olive hydroxytyrosol which increases the healing process and cell regeneration in the body due to the content of hydroxytyrosol, anthocyanin, punicalagin, and xanthone compounds in kidney failure herbal remedies. Amazon Plus.

3.  Medicine for Kidney Failure K-Muricata This
herbal medicine for kidney failure is served like a teabag in general by brewing it. The composition of K-Muricata consists of soursop leaf extract and rat taro plant which has been widely used in the world of traditional kidney failure treatment to treat various types of diseases. Cytotoxicity is the nature of these two types of herbal plants, namely compounds that work like a detoxification process, but are 10 times stronger so that they can help the kidney organs in removing toxins contained in the human body and the function of the kidney organs can return completely.

By combining the 3 super properties of the 3 kidney failure herbal medicinal products above, it will be a solution for kidney problems that are being experienced because it has no side effects and is able to repel all kinds of diseases, not only kidney failure, consume regularly within 1 to 2 months. to get optimal results from alternative treatment of kidney failure.

Hopefully this treatment information can be useful for patients with kidney failure and can restore hope for recovery for patients with kidney failure.


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