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Discover A Simple Solution For Building A Money-Making Site That You Will Be Proud Of… And Put It Online In Less Than 15 Minutes!

AdSense alternatives

Stop developing dozens or more individual affiliate sites when you can create and promote ONE simple yet powerful site that will do the work of all the others at the same time… AND we also give you the tools you need to promote your site and get traffic!

The System:

AdSense alternatives
best google adsense alternative

The name pretty much says it all… EZ Affiliate Site. From a single website you’ll be able to easily and automatically profit from three top income-producing affiliate sources.

- 1. Google AdSense – targeted ads are displayed on every page of your site

- 2. ClickBank – direct access to an entire marketplace of top-selling digital products

- 3. Amazon – the largest outlet for physical products right at your viewers fingertips

You can earn money on OVER 100,000 products! No matter what choice your viewer makes, it means cash in YOUR pocket!

That’s because every product on your new affiliate site is associated with you personally. You earn a commission for every sale AND Google AdSense click.

AdSense alternatives

The Benefits AdSense alternatives :

  • Your personal affiliate site is remotely hosted on our servers – FREE of charge – so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable web host (or whether or not your site will be open for business and running smoothly 24-7).
  • The fact that everything you need is set up and ready to go means you have the ability to start earning income right away (no more time wasted while you hunt down and choose just the “right” products and affiliate programs).
  • From start to finish, the entire process of getting your own affiliate site up and running is unbelievably quick and easy to do (just fill in your affiliate info, choose a few custom settings, and you’re good to go).
  • With several customization options, you can give your site a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd (modifications such as site width, color, background image, and border can be handled simply and easily).
  • Everything you need to do comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions that leave nothing to chance (whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it).
  • You get maximum earning potential because every single page of your site is automatically coded to display targeted AdSense ads (money will keep being deposited into YOUR Google account for as long as your affiliate site is active on the web).
  • Your viewers will always have convenient and immediate access to both Click Bank and Amazon product listings (they get what they’re looking for and YOU generate income when they do – it’s definitely a win win situation).
  • You get to decide and easily choose to have either Click Bank or Amazon listings displayed on your affiliate site homepage (allows you to satisfy your current customer base as well as attract the exact audience you’re looking for).
  • Set your homepage to display products in a specific and targeted niche or category (just log in to your account manager and type in whatever keyword you want – the script takes care of everything else automatically).
  • Gives you the ability to set both the minimum and maximum price ranges (allows you to gain even greater control over what product and service listings are displayed on your pages).
  • Gives you the ability to include a separate and independent links page (use it to provide helpful tools and resources, direct viewers to your other websites, or even include additional affiliate products and services – it’s entirely your choice).
  • Allows you to quickly and easily incorporate your autoresponder code within your pages (get maximum benefit from ALL your traffic by capturing names and email addresses as well as offering valuable reports and follow-up ecourses).
  • Receive the added benefit of search engine results when you include a powerful title and compelling description and keyword meta tag data to your site (makes it easy to boost your visibility, increase the flow of targeted viewer traffic, and put you ahead of the competition).

Those are the benefits from AdSense alternatives so if your stuck with AdSense try this AdSense alternatives to make money online.

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AdSense alternatives

The bottom line is, your affiliate site has been developed with one purpose in mind: to make YOU money.

You can’t help but succeed here. Why? Because everything has already been carefully and deliberately factored in…

  • targeted Google AdSense ads
  • high quality in-demand products and services
  • the ability to target a specific niche
  • the ability to include your auto responder code
  • the benefit of title, description, and keyword data
  • three major streams of proven income generation

So there’s no difficult decision to be made here. Sign up right now and you can be up and running in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

AdSense Alternatives

I have seen many people getting banned from google AdSense for one reason or the other and looking for some AdSense alternatives to earn money out of their online businesses. so there are many google alternatives in online market. Some are contextual and looks very similar to google and some are very different.

Give below is the list of google adsense alternatives available. If you know of any more, just do let me know.

Google adsense alternatives which are similar to adsense in nature (they are contextual in nature):

New!! – The latest and the best alternative for Google adsense is InfoLinks. Infolinks is giving really great eCPM these days and is surely a big threat to Google Adsense.

Adsense alternatives for websites ,highest paying A

dsense alternatives.

Yahoo YPN – Yahoo publisher Network (YPN) is your best adsense alternative if you live in USA. But they are very rarely accepting new publisher applications for new publishers.

Kontera – Kontera is the second best option which provides inline contextual ads. I have run these ads on one of my sites producing half the income of google adsense.

TNX – TNX is a network where you can sell text links automatically on your site (it works great even for PR0 sites) – Highly recommended.

Widget Bucks – Widget Bucks is a great contextual shopping based advertising network which pays upto %0.50 CPC (which is great) and also gives $25 free just for registeration. Sign Up today, I would say.:)

Adbrite – Adbrite is your second best adsense alternative (or fist, if you live outside USA) to monetize your website. Please note, you may see very little earnings for first 15 days (or even a month) as they collect your website statistics.

Clicksor – Clicksor is third best adsense alternative. It provides both inline and text-banner contextual ads for your website. So it can also be a good alternative for google adsense.

Text Link Ads – If your site is atleast PR4 or have good alexa then you can earn quite a good amount by selling directory links through ‘text link ads’. If your page rank is higer, it can ever surpass your adsense earnings. So go for it. It is highly recommended.

Chitika – Chitika created a lot of noise when it was started as a google adsense alternative. But finally it has stabilized and is a contant good earner.

Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is also a good contextual ad option for your site. They have been paying from a long time and are quite consistent.

Etology – Etology is a new adsenes alternative and is told to be doing great. Some of the publishers claimed that they are making double with Etology than with Adbrite.

There are other programs which I hightly recommend. These are not the adsense alternatives but can surely complement your revenue with very good payment.

Casale Media – Casale media is one of the best banner advertising network providing one of the best eCPM for your ad space. They provide 728×90, 120×600, 300×250 banners and popups. They payment rates are really really good.

Adversal – Adversal is popup program which pays a huge $6.00 per 1000 unique impressions ($6 CPM). I am getting paid from them on time from last 6 months without any delays ever.

Other than the above mentioned onces, (which I have tested), there are many others like:
Enhance Interactive


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