Elakizhi 1 of the best treatment for reduce inflammation


What is Elakizhi Treatment.

Elakizhi (Ela significance Leaves; Kizhi thought Bolus or Potli) is an Ayurvedic direction which includes excrete causing method. It is a cognition in which herbal leaves are fried with few medicated oil and opposite ingredients and are knotted in a potli. This potli is dipped into hot medicated oil and then practical tardily all over the body or the constrained expanse. It relieves body upset, hard joints, stake aches and correspondent ailments. Elakizhi is a massage therapy, which is highly efficacious in treatments of ailments poignant the maraca and joints. Highly advisable for remove and stick conditions specified as Arthritis, Spinal problems, Spondylitis, Secondary Rear Upset, sports injuries

Digestion becomes normal when we perform physical actions such as exercises. Modem lifestyle has little space for such ac­tions and hence the accumulation of fat in the body. And it is a serious trap.”

Day-time sleep adds to the con­tributing factors of obesity as it viti­ates Kapha. “Vitiated Kapha slows down the digestion process. Wom­en, who are homemakers, are more prone to obesity as their physical activities are less,” he said.

Elakizhi Treatment

Heating obesity patients is tough. “When we give medications to pacify pitha which governs di­gestive fire (agni), the patient will feel more hungry resulting in more intake of food. An extreme care is necessary for this type conditions.

Ayurveda emphasizes that sweating and Udwarthana are the  better options to control obesity as they are aimed at boosting blood circulation and divide fatty cells. Apart from maintaining the weight according to the height, diinking plenty of water is also important.


Here Kizhi, Ellakizlii and Po- dikizlii etc are done to enhance the division and elimination of fatty cells accumulated in the body.

Diuretic medications such as Punarnavadi Kashayam and Punar- navasam, which have Boerhavia diffusa as the main ingredient, and Tribuhis terrestris are given if the patient whose frequency of urine and stool is less.

After udwarthana, Podikizhi will be done to strengthen the skin of the patient.

Advantages of Elakizhi Treatment.

Helps improving muscle strength

It lulls the way toward maturing

Reduces sore muscles and joints

Mitigates body torment and solidness

Upgrades blood flow

Treatment is compelling for Arthritis issues

Exceptionally powerful for patients experiencing Paralysis

Eliminates dryness of the skin

Viable for patients with Slipped Disk

Mitigates from Sprain and different games wounds

Exceptionally unwinding and detoxifying

In case of obesity triggered due to
hormonal imbalances and diseases occurred due to obesity, controlling the prime cause i.e. obesity is the key.


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