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Google has so many tools with any number of functions that it is almost impossible to be informed of the existence of each and every one of them. So here we will try to explain the most relevant points of classroom, what is it? How to create a user? Among other questions that will help to manage a basic idea of ​​this application which is available in google apps totally free.

googl classroom
google classroom

What is google classroom?

Google classroom is an application developed so that teachers and students have a platform where they can contact each other, save time and have a greater organization totally online with all kinds of available tools, it can be understood as a completely viable work environment and functional. This platform has absolutely all the google for education applications which have the objective of promoting education at any level.

Steps to enter google classroom

This is the simplest user to add so the steps are very simple and easy to follow.

  1. The student must have a Gmail and if he does not have it he will have to create it.
  2. Then go to
  3. There you will see a sale which will ask for a Gmail with its respective password.
  4. Once the user has been created, all you need to do is join a class, you can do this by giving the plus sign (+) found in the platform bar.
  5. To continue, it will ask you for a password which the teacher will give you, this will allow your user to join the class for which the given password is specified.
  6. If you are a teacher you have to create a class, so in the main page you also give the option (+)
  7. Then they will have to choose the option to create class.
  8. It will ask you for the name of the class you want to create, section and subject.
  9. And voila, they can use classroom as a student or teacher.
google classroom
google classroom

Common mistakes when logging in google classroom

 Although it is very easy to learn to control this platform in the same way, there are very common mistakes that are often made.

  1. Not having Gmail.
  2. Not knowing how to join a class.
  3. Not knowing how to create a class.
  4. Not filling the requirements with the correct data if it is from a registered institution or an independent professor.
  5. Once you have created the classes, you may not find a way to communicate with the students.

In short, classroom is a modern way to bring home education, it is a practical solution for those who simply want to find another option to classical education. With just one click, a teacher can interact with a large number of students online effectively. So there are no excuses, from the comfort of home or the place they prefer they can study. Google made this application with that intention, that of promoting the study of modern online education


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