Heart Disease – Herbal Treatment & Home Remedies To Cure It Naturally


Heart Disease – Herbal Treatment & Home Remedies To Cure It Naturally

Herbal Treatment For Heart Disease With Home Remedies : Heart is the main station from where the blood is pumped to all the systems in our body through arterial vessels. The arterial vessels are elastic in nature.

During the contractive phase of heart, the pressure of blood is exerted on the arteries’ walls, whereas during expansive phase, the pressure is exerted on its vessel wall. The home and herbal treatment is efficient enough to curb the distress.

Heart Disease

There are numerous factors causing heart disease, but some common causes are high blood pressure. It occurs due to rich diet resulting in high cholesterol. Idle lifestyle and negligible physical labour causes obesity, whereas excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine, stress and side -effect of overuse of medicines are a few main reasons. Ageing and heredity may also be the ground for it. To avoid traumatic phase of tests (painful), one can get relief by adopting herbal remedies.

It must be noticed that the high cholesterol, obesity and idle or sedentary lifestyle are mainly responsible for deposition of plaques of fatty materials on the arteries’ inner walls and cause atherosclerosis. While in the old age or due to the stress and strain, thickening and hardening of arteries’ walls often causes arteriosclerosis. Both are known as heart disease.

Symptoms of Heart Disease :

Some common symptoms are as follows :

• Heaviness and shortness in breathing.
• Slowing or racing heart beat.
• Chest pain linger up after exertion or taking after meal.
• Chest pain can be either localised or radiate to the left arm first and then right arm.
• Difficulty in breathing in climbing upstairs.
• Feeling sudden weakness or fatigue.
• Fainting or coma or loss of speech.
• Blurring in vision and hearing.
• Feeling of palpitation in heart beat.

Herbal Medicines for Heart Disease :

Treatment of Cardiac stroke and blockage of Coronary arteries by following herbal medicines :

1. Herbs:
• Divya Arjun quath ——- 300 grams .

Boil 05 gm of Divya Arjun quath with 04 cups water or 01 cup of milk adding 03 cups of water. When the extract is nearly 01 cup in quantity, drink it daily in empty stomach. Two doses should be taken in the morning and evening, one hour before the meal. The effect of this herbal treatment will be seen certainly. (Please prepare the same afresh for evening dose).

2. Herbs:
• Divya Moti Pisti ——– 04 grams.
• Divya Sangeyshav Pisti — 10 grams.
• Divya Akik Pisti ——– 05 grams.
• Divya Amritasat ——- 10 grams.
• Divya Yogendra Ras —– 01 grams.
• Divya Jaharmohra Pisti — 05 grams.
• Abhrak Bhasm ——- 05 grams.

Mix all medicines properly and divide into sixty doses. Take the dose twice daily, one in the morning before half an hour of breakfast and the second half an hour before dinner.
(or as advised by physician/Patanjali’s doctor ). This herbal treatment helps to smoothen the functioning of the heart.

3. Herbs:
• Divya Hridayamrit Vati —- 40 gm .
• Divya Arogyavardhani Vati — 40 gm .

Take 2 tablets twice daily, in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner with lukewarm water. This herbal remedy will start functioning.
( Dose as advised by physician / Doctor of Patanjali Aushadhalaya .)

Note : – It is essential to do some Pranayamas smoothly according to the direction of Baba Ramdev in this regard. You can find all of these medicines in any Patanjali Chikitsalaya in India. You can also purchase these medicines online from the official Patanjali store. To purchase, please visit- Patanjaliayurved.net

Home remedies for Heart Disease :

There are so many home remedies, but acquiring a few of them can cure or control the problems of Heart Disease.

1. Take 250 gm. Ghiya or Lauki (pumpkin ) along with 5 to 6 leaves of Pudina and 8 leaves of Tulsi. Grind it and extract the juice at least in the quantity of 125 to 150 gm. After filtered, add the same quantity of water, along with the 4 Kali Mirch powder and 01 gm of Sendha (Rock) salt. Drink this solution thrice daily after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Firstly, have it for five days. After 25 days, again for the next five days. It should be continued for three months without gap.

2. Take out 01 teaspoonful juice of betel leaf, 01 teaspoonful of garlic juice, 01 teaspoonful ginger juice and 01 teaspoonful honey. Mix those all. Take this herbal mixture twice daily, in the morning and evening daily for 21 days.

3. Boil 10 to 11 cloves of Garlic with 250 gm. of milk. When about 125 gm. left, eat boiled Garlic and then drink the milk. Continue it everyday in the morning. This remedy’s effect will be realized in a few days.

4. Take one & half teaspoonful powder of the bark of Arjun ( Terminalia Arjuna ) tree and slight honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it at morning, afternoon and evening for a few months. This home remedy will show the result.

5. Take 02 tea spoonful of Arjunarist with same quantity of water daily after lunch. Response of the home remedy will soon be felt.

6. Take 03 grams powder of the bark of Arjun’s tree with a little quantity of honey daily in the morning .

7.Take 02 teaspoon of Harad ( Harra ) powder with water at bed time in the night and feel the effect of this home remedy in a couple of days.

Important Yoga Aasanas :

Smoothly doing some aasanas like Bajrasan, Pawanmuktasan, Shalbhasan, Sarbangasan and Shavasan are much fruitful for the heart disease patient.

Likewise , Surya namaskar, Jalneti, Sutraneti and regular practice of meditation also much effective for the heart patients.

Note : It is essential that all above Aasanas ,Pranayamas and Aerobic exercises should be done in the care of a good Yoga Teacher .

Walking : – Apart of all, walking 1.5 to 2 kilometres in the morning and evening daily is very useful for the heart patient.

My View:

Walking is the best and easy form of exercise, which even costs nothing.Besides, drinking plenty of water is also helpful in keeping away the disease. Both are not taken seriously these days. Comfort has eclipsed these two most effective home and natural remedies the most. The numbers of the heart patients are being added consecutively. The heart problem has been common.

Despite having ample stock of natural resources, the people are wandering to get freed from distress. It just seems ridiculous. The question is when natural and herbal resources are in abundance, why should run after anyone for relief? One must not be careless towards heart problem because it is the main junction of the body.


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