Holistic Best Detoxification through Kriya Yoga


Detoxification through Kriya Yoga

  Kriya Yoga – The human body extracts energy from the food supplied to it through various metabolic functions. This energy is used to rejuvenate, repair damaged cells, and keep

The body is vibrant with life. However, these life-sustaining metabolic functions produce solid, liquid, and gaseous waste. If this waste is not eliminated from the body, it becomes a breeding ground for various ailments and diseases.

Kriya Yoga
Detoxification through Kriya Yoga

Flushes out toxins through respiration

The human body flushes out toxins through respiration, perspiration urination, and defecation. Respiration is the only eliminative process that goes on uninterruptedly. whereas other eliminative activities take place at regular intervals. Thus, breathing alone does a considerable share of the cleaning task.

Our body throws out 70 percent of toxins through the breathing process alone. This shows the role played by breathing in keeping the body-temple free from undesirable waste.

The practice of kriya, accomplished through deep-breathing techniques, multiplies the rate at which the body eliminates toxins. The heart’s function is to keep oxygen-rich blood supply to the entire body. If these toxins are not removed from the body, oxygen supply to various parts of

Holistic Detoxification through Kriya Yoga

The body is hindered and their work capacity and efficiency decrease.

Our brain cells cannot survive for more than four to five minutes without oxygen. The growth, efficiency, and function of the brain depend on a good supply of oxygen.

The practice of kriya oxygenates the whole body and keeps it suffused with a surplus of life-sustaining oxygen. It boosts the brain cells and keeps the body ever vibrant with life and energy.

Mental Detoxification:

We end all our prayers by thrice repeating the words “peace.” This is done to seek the blessing of the Divine to keep away the troubles of the body, mind, and soul. Man has three aspects to his personality and concomitantly three-fold sufferings.


The word “sawasth” (healthy) has a deeper connotation than the one understood by the common man. It is a composite of the two words: swa + sthiti, which means established in the self.

All our mental troubles start when the mind instead of being centripetal becomes centrifugal, moving away from the center of consciousness.

Amrit Bindu Upanishad describes two states of mind: pure and impure. A mind overloaded with the dross of worldly desires becomes impure. When it is anchored in consciousness, it is purified.

Strain is nothing but the force exerted on an object when it moves away from its center or natural state. The more the mind moves away from the center, that is, the soul or consciousness, the weaker it becomes and is infected with various troubles.

These troubles of mind are given various names like stress, strain, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and nervous breakdown.

The practice of kriya yoga returns the mind back to the soul, which empowers it with divine will and strength. Just as an Awaken the Superman Within …

piece of iron kept in the fire acquires the heat and color of the fire, and the mind sheltered in the soul acquires its omnipotence.

Spiritual Detoxification:

The whole universe is composed of matter and consciousness and the three modes of matter are known as sattva, raja, Tama. Our soul and the supreme soul is covered by these three modes. Human beings, therefore,

fail to see the soul and God in their full glory. Tama casts the greatest darkness on the brilliance of the soul; it gradually

tapers off into raja and sattva. The latter is the thinnest screen on the soul and is like smoke on fire, while raja, the next covering, is like dust on the mirror; Tama is like skin over the womb and completely hides the soul’s luminosity.

These three progressively grosser coverings on the soul need to be removed to manifest its full power and effulgence. The regular practice of kriya yoga, a technique par-excellence in all spirituality, removes these three coverings and the soul manifests its real nature before the kriya yogi.


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