The Natural and new way 2 Get Rid of Facial Hair through Ayurveda.


Home-made Ayurvedic medicine to remove the Facial hair.

Facial hair
Facial hair removal

Facial hair can be wry disturbing especially for women It feels unattractive and makes women have a low morale Many chemical and modern practices have been recommended but most of them are seen to have side – effects Hence most people now resort to Ayurveda for getting rid of this mess of unwanted facial hair


Ayurveda is known for its holistic treatment and is highly recommended by experts for all kinds of beauty solutions Also most Ayurveda products use only ingredients from one s backyard or kitchen hence one can vouch for its purity Ayurveda thus recommends some unique methods for facial hair But it also recommends that treatment for removing facial hair varies from individual to individual since the reasons for this are many The different reasons for this facial hair growth can be broadly classified as due to depression or hormone changes occurring in women But for some women hair growth occurs as something purely natural.

Indian Tradition for Facial Hair.

Use of turmeric paste is a custom that is religiously followed by most Indian women One needs to understand that this is used instead of soap and is completely free of chemicals and helps to halt hair growth on the face or in any part of the body for that matter This custom is most often integrated with the Hindu culture of the women of south India.

The turmeric paste has to be continuously used for months together to get the desired effect While using this paste on the body is also good it is believed that this will leave a yellow tinge on the body which will stain clothes Another point to note is that the turmeric used should not be the spice that is used in the kitchen for cooking Ultimately for all Ayurvedic remedies consultation with an expert physician is required before zeroing m on any solutions.

Spearmint tea for Facial hair.

One more Ayurvedic remedy recommended mostly for those with hormonal imbalance is drinking one cup of spearmint tea every morning This helps to reduce the hormonal imbalance especially testosterone and thus decreases the unwanted hair growth anywhere in the body or face

Neem Paste for Facial hair.

Also using a paste of dry Neem leaves an.d applying it on the face daily at night before going to bed is generally said to be goo d for removing facial hair this paste can be peeled off from the skin the next day morning for good results

Turmeric and salt Paste.

Another remedy that is recommended is a paste of turmeric and salt which is seen to be highly effective for removing facial hair This is a slow process and may take time Continuous application of this paste gives the desired results

Chickpea flour milk turmeric powder Paste.

Other recommended remedies include making a paste of chickpea flour milk turmeric powder fresh cream and applying this paste on the face

Potatoes ,crushed lentils Paste.

Also using the juice of peeled and crushed potatoes along with a bowl of crushed lentils that is soaked overnight in water with lemon juice and honey is a great remedy for removing facial hair


Attractive woman in beauty salon on facial hair removal threading procedure

Using Safflower oil is another recommended remedy for removing facial hair For this purpose all unwanted hair is first removed by shaving or with the use of any hair removal cream Apply the oil paste of Safflower oil on this area and massage well till it gets absorbed into skin pores The area where the paste is applied should not be washed or wiped The paste has to remain here for at least 3-4 hours pref­erably before going to bed at night This process has to be repeated continuously for 100 days without any break and the result will be no hair growth in these unwanted areas


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