How To Fall Asleep Fast, Follow These Easy Tips!


Get a good night sleep

It can be hard to fall asleep fast when you are not tired at all and you also woke up late in the morning. It is usually suggested to sleep at least 8 hours a day to let your body fully recover.  A lot of people sleep a lot less and it causes them to be tired during the day, feel dizzy and be unproductive.
So, what can we do to get a good night sleep and how to asleep fast? Fortunately, there are several ways of doing it and I am about to share them with you so Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye. Let’s start with the most obvious ones and then move down to more “not-so-well-known” ones.

Follow These Easy Tips to fall asleep fast

 1 – Make your room COMPLETELY dark. I mean, pull the curtains down, turn off all the light sources such as computer and TV screens, turn off the lights etc.

 2 – Eliminate ALL noises. That means turn off the music, mobile, computer, throw out the cat and silence the monkey behind the piano playing “Carmina Burana – O Fortuna”. Although I suggest keeping the monkey alive because that’s some rare stuff there 🙂

Now I know you are going to say that “but music helps me to sleep better”. It’s true, some sounds that are very peaceful help people have better (also fast) sleep but there is a big BUT – it doesn’t work for all people. So, if you find it better to sleep with music on then go ahead, if not then it’s better to eliminate ALL sounds.

Fall Asleep Fast

3 – Make your room cooler but keep it at a reasonable temperature – I’m sure sleeping in an iglu will be a fun and cool experience to share with your friends but it’s not the best way to stay alive for longer periods of time, unless, of course, you are an eskimo. Cooler environment helps you to fall asleep faster as the cooler air is better for your body, mind and soul.

 4 – Take melatonin. Now, before you say you are anti-drug hippy, I must warn you – this is NOT a class A drug that will take you behind iron curtains. To be clear, this is just a hormone that is responsible for making you feel sleepy when it’s dark outside. So, as you can see, it’s like a remote control to your body. You just press the button and tell the mind that it’s a bed time now – and no more cartoons tonight.

5 – Try counting sheep, Santa’s, eggs or if you are a very bad at math – your fingers. Doing a boring repetitive task is a sure way to get rid of sleeplessness. I remember loud and clear the times when I was still in school and had to read history books for class. My record was reading the same half a page for five times in a row because every time I was reading it I fell asleep fast and then had to read it again because I had already forgotten it.. which brings us to the next tip..

 6 – Read history books in the evening, preferably in a comfortable setting, though it doesn’t matter because I have fallen asleep even behind my desk while doing my homework 🙂 Pro tip for kids at school: there’s a reason why your parents want you to do the homework after school right away 😉

 7 – Eat your dinner earlier. Everybody loves to snack before going to sleep, at least I do and I don’t think I am a special snowflake in that regards but it makes it a lot harder to fall asleep quickly if you have all that food digesting going on down there. I have made the mistake of eating before going to sleep before and let me tell you – it’s quite a miserable state to be in, sometimes even painful. Make sure to watch the clock and eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. It will make your life a lot easier, trust me.

 8 – This is a BIG ONE: avoid drinking coffee 6 hours before you decide to hit the sleeping lair. That includes: coffee, coca-cola, black and green tea, energy drinks etc. You will NOT sleep if you do that, I can guarantee you that. Also avoid drinking any kind of sugar full drinks because sugar keeps your body rocking till it’s 5 AM in the morning. I have been there – 1 bottle of coca-cola = 4 hours in bed going crazy while being tired of going crazy. well, at least I was tired in some way.

Those are the Eight ways to make you fall asleep faster

So there you have it. Eight ways to make you fall asleep faster. I will add some new ones if I come to find any. Notice that these are the ones that have PERSONALLY helped me. If it has not helped me then it’s not on this list. Now, good night and check the closet for monsters before you start your adventures in the dreamland 🙂


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