Immunity the ultimate natural way 2 protection to our body.


Immunity the body’s defense system.

Immunity refers to the body’s ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens. Pathogens are foreign disease-causing substances, such as bacteria and viruses, and people are exposed to them every day. Antigens are attached to the surface of pathogens and stimulate an immune response in the body. An immune response is the body’s defense system to fight against antigens and protect the body.

For example, army solders who protect the country from the enemy so this how the immunity works to keep us healthy.

Different types of Immunity

There are several types of immunity, including innate immunity, passive immunity, and acquired/active immunity.  active immunity as a process of exposing the body to an antigen to produce an adaptive immune response, while passive immunity “borrows” antibodies from another person.

Type of Immunity

  1. Innate immunity is general protection that a person is born with, including physical barriers For example, the skin acts as a barrier to block germs from entering the body. And the immune system recognizes when certain invaders are foreign and could be dangerous
  2.  Passive immunity is the body’s capacity to resist pathogens by “borrowing” antibodies. For example, antibodies can be transferred to a baby from a mother’s breast milk, milk give a baby temporary immune to diseases the mother has been exposed to.
  3. Acquired (adaptive) immune is a type of immune that develops from immunological memory. The body is exposed to a specific antigen (which is attached to a pathogen) and develops antibodies to that specific antigen.

What are the signs of a weak immune?

The body’s immune system works around the clock to keep your body protected from invading organisms and other environmental forces. It is your constant guardian to protect your body from various infectious diseases and debilitating diseases and also reduces the risk of death. Therefore, it’s important for your survival.

weaken immune

However, when the immune system is weak, it cannot work effectively to protect the body from serious illnesses. There are some common signs of a weakened immune system.

Some of sign that you can understand your immune is weak for example when you weak up in the morning if you feel fresh and full of energy the immune is stronger. But if you feel tired after good sleep this is sign of lower immunity.  

1.Frequent cold and infectionsAutoimmune diseases

2.Delayed growth and development

3.Blood disorders

4.Organ inflammation and related issues

5.Digestive system problems

6.High-stress levels

7.Slow healing of wounds

Diet and your immune system

We get the energy to run our body system from food what we eat so we need proper balance diet. A diet that contains differing kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is adequate and a small provision is reserved for additional nutrients to endure the short length of leanness

Which means we have to take the good quality food with the right quantity according to the age
Improve immune with herbs and supplements.
We can improve the immune with the natural & Organic Herbs like taking herbal teas. The one we get it natural, Organic will never gives any side effect for an example instead of taking white sugar the honey can be the best. Because the white sugar they bleach many times to become clear white and mix chemicals for non-sticky. Honey is the one of the best choice.Herbal tea like tulsi and there are so many organic teas available in the market.

As well we can take different supplement like chyawanprash and Triphala ,ashwagandha etc
Stress and immune function
Stress is one of the most problem stress are the main factors to spoil the immunity.most of them get sickness because of the stress. There are 3 different types stress — acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress so there is too much stress the immune become low there is no protection to the human body so we get dices easily.

Healthy ways to strengthen your immunity system

1.Stop Drinking and smoking
2.Eat a fresh veg diet high in fruits and vegetables,Balance diet, With out junk and packed and processed food
3.Exercise regularly. Like yoga meditation and Pranayamam
4.Maintain a healthy weight. According to the age weight and hight
5.Eat proper time and Get adequate sleep.
6.Keep clean our self’s such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.
7.Try to minimize stress by being with nature clean environment. Time to time break from the work.


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