Love your Greens! Eat your Greens.


Love your Greens

We all know chat consum­ing greens are healthy and it adds a lot of nutrition to our daily diet. However, let us understand their importance from the Ayurveda perspective.

Modern science has established that leafy greens contain all-important

minerals such as Calcium, Magne­sium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamins Bl and B2.

In the traditional Ayurveda daily diet, these dark leafy vegetables take center stage. Ayurveda science also believes that, a daily dose of greens is excellent for our hair, skin, and health. Accord­ing to Ayurveda, these greens help to detox the body.

Here are some of the many benefits of eating Greens:

Love your Greens
Love your Greens

1) Leafy greens are full of nutritious juices that naturally hydrate and cools our body.

3) The natural juices also contain prana (life energy) that helps in the optimal functioning of the mind and bathing them in a sink full of fresh tap water

4) The high content of calcium and vitamin A present in the greens is beneficial for the reproductive health of women, particularly those who are close to their menopausal stage

5) They are full of antioxidants that are anti-ageing, great for a radiant skin and aids in disease prevention

How to choose your Greens:

  1. Always choose an organic produce as this can help to naturally eliminate all harmful pesticide residues.
  2. Look for crisp, fresh green leaves that are bursting with vitality.
  3. Always try to pick greens that are seasonal and grown locally.
  4. Tender, fresh green leaves can go bad quickly, so it is best to consume them on the same day that you have shopped for them.

Wash them well several times

  • Lunch is the best time to eat greens as the digestive system functions most optimally at this time. If ever you feel bloated after consuming greens, then consult a health expert.
  • In addition to eating greens for their nutritional value, it is also good to “DRINK GREENS”. This is a power­ful way to detox the body.
  • Here is my recipe of an Anti-Aging Green Elixir, which I prescribe to my clients who are on my ‘Holistic Life­style Plan’ for optimal well being. It has some green capsicum and green apple added to leafy greens that adds a whole new flavor and health dimension to this drink.


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