1 of the Most Powerful Therapy in Ayurveda Marma therapy


About Marma therapy

Effective and proven by science Marma therapy from ayurveda is one of the therapies that has demonstrated successful outcomes for pain management so first of all.

What is Marma

marma basically one word the word means in suspicion the secret marma are basically the vital areas of the body through which positive energy flows they are important Identifiable parts of of our anatomy and reflect key physiology content and psychological processes that occur within it are the key connecting points to all our aspects of our energy from innermost consciousness to the outermost physical physical organs basically they are the connecting windows between outer body and the inner soul .

so they connect us to the subconscious mind of the patient as well as the inner conscious of the patient so these are basically mermani then definition of the marma chicken actually we have framed a sanskrit word for the marunjikitsa can be defined as technique to stimulate specific vital points of the body in a certain way at critical moment of time for the purpose of feeling so most important thing is for the purpose of healing

we stimulate certain specific areas which are known as one points in the body so they are one zero seven in number according to arabic so as we go the definition of as per the classical text of the ayahuasca point is a junction on body where two or more tissues types of tissues meet such as muscles veins ligaments bones or joints and second line you have to focus on prana distance the vital force the vital energy the living force of our body it resides uh in the mermaids.

 marma points specifically there is concentrated chronic energy in the marmaur areas so this is very important aspect in as uh as far as month rep is concerned and marma are basically seat of pranasuman are related to energy of the body mind tran and dosh those are the humors in the humors which are in our way they are three there are three basic humors so marmas are primarily energetic centers where the life force accumulates or flows thus treating one is more a meaning of treating prand rather than simply working on the physical tissues or organs this is very important.

 we are basically dealing with the pranic energy directly when we are dealing with one so next is basically as i told you the definition now basically month rep is an initiate indian practice that focuses on the manipulation of the subtle energy that is prand in the body for purpose of supporting the healing process basically they serve as points of access to the body’s innate intelligence opening the doorway to health and well-being.

so one points are vehicles to reach the ultimate goal of our weight ultimate goal of our weight is perfect health firmly rooted in a vibrantly alive body and fully awakened mind so body and mind both are important uh to consider as far as health is concerned so man points are basically access to the inner soul then importance of one jigsaw.

According to ayurveda acharasushu has said that they are half of the surgical practice means they are of utmost important importance as any force will draw on them may cause death or deformity that’s why it is also said that marian means if there is any forceful trauma on them they may cause they may be fatal they may cause death so basically they are designated as important as any other thing in the surgical practice and if one needs to go for surgery he needs to know the knowledge of one definitely it is indispensable for a surgeon disease.

Marma Therapy

so i just wanted to ask like a lot of people probably have prevented conventional surgery if they had gone for normal therapy right that that would be a point to make uh actually we can’t say in all surgeries but okay to a certain axis we can delay the surgery or prevent the surgery we can treat it medically.

for example in condition of spinal disorders backaches various backaches spine deformities we can go for manuka instead of surgery okay all right so let’s just talk about the historical significance of marmaurchikitsa yes this is very important as unfortunately the world has recently come to know about itsa although it has been there since with the oldest literature available is with us so first of all rigveda has the reference of marm there was a word known as which means body armors so in the ancient times there were a lot of wars and weapons were used so people used the the body armors to protect themselves

we can see in the mythological serials or in stories war movies the body armors so basically the word drapi which was there to protect the marma points then accordingly in mahabharat the famous mythological story of uh india so shrikrishnabhagwan lord srikrishna he left for the abode because of injury in the soul of foot and there resides so there was injury on his taliban so he has to left his body then again in different ancient texts of airways famously known as the greatest tribe of the ayurveda.

so they all contain the various references of maram science so it is very old as old as the mankind and now it has come to the practice in recent era so as far as classification of the man points is concerned the arabic classifies it in different forms like according to dosh as i told you the three body types basic body types of the patients.

Marma Therapy

normal human beings and according to structure means some are marma points have a muscles in the majority some have veins some have joints some have bony tissue so according to that according to structure we can differentiate then according to location very important .


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