Need to be careful during your nose surgery


Nose surgery

There are various types of nose surgery , so I will introduce them.
Prosthesis nasal prosthesis: A prosthesis, an artificial cartilage, is inserted to raise the height of the nose. There are different types of prostheses, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Septal extension: A procedure in which another cartilage is transplanted into the cartilage of the nose to extend the tip of the nose. Recommended for people with so-called pig noses, whose noses are facing upwards and whose nostrils are visible. Nose reduction: A procedure to narrow the lateral spread of the nose. The method depends on the shape of the original nose. Nasal tip formation: A procedure to remove fat from the tip of the nose and sharpen the tip of the nose. Recommended nose surgery for people with dumpling nose.

 nose surgery
Hump ​​correction: A treatment to clear the eagle nose. Sharpen the protruding cartilage and straighten the nose. There are still various treatments.
I think there is a treatment that will give you the nose you want to be, so it is best to consult with an orthopedic surgeon to decide. Some of them can be easily injected without inserting a scalpel, and the price is reasonable, so it seems that such petit plastic surgery is also popular.

 However, the effect of petit plastic surgery disappears in about 1 to 2 years.
Such petit plastic surgery less likely to fail, and even if you don’t like the finish, it will naturally return to its original state over time, so there is less risk. It’s important that you get a satisfying finish, so choose a reliable nasal surgery hospital.

If you want to have a nose surgery, think carefully about the shape

I was interested in nasal plastic surgery , so I looked it up. I would like to write with my opinion and impression. First, I will introduce the general types of noses. The dumpling nose is shaped like a dumpling, with a rounded nose and a large bulge. The up nose (pig nose) is a pig nose with the tip facing up, and the characteristic is that the nostrils are completely visible from the front. The eagle nose has a large bow and a sharp tip. By the way, I’m half a dumpling nose and a eagle nose.

nose surgery
Next, I will introduce some types of nose surgery. It depends on the hospital, but I’m worried about the shape of the nose of the flex nose. If you want to shape your nose without cutting it, you want to raise your nose. Hyaluronic acid injection is not enough. Busy and less downtime is better. It is a “non-cutting” nasal prosthesis that only uses a special thread recommended for people such as. 

Next, prosthesis nasal prosthesis wants the low nose to look high without discomfort. I want to straighten my face line through my nose. Put the prosthesis in the nose. Etc. Finally, ala nose reduction wants to make the nose smaller. I want to make the laterally wide nose smaller. This is a surgical method in which a part of the nasal wing is removed to make the nostrils smaller and difficult to see from the front.

I want to put in a prosthesis because I want to make it taller. If you want to have a nose surgery, look for a hospital . where you can think about the shape.

What are the precautions for nose surgery?

I feel that it is very good to be confident in yourself by shaping your nose. However, nose surgery is not all good. This time I will write about the disadvantages caused by performing nose surgery.
The first is that “insurance does not work”. Insurance does not work for plastic surgery .

 Therefore, the surgery fee tends to be high. So, for those who can’t afford the money, such as high school students and university , the high surgery fee is a considerable disadvantage.
The second is that you don’t always get the nose you want. It is human beings who perform surgery. There are also failures. 

There is no guarantee that your nose will look the way you want it. If you do not get the nose you want after surgery, the cost of surgery will be a bubble of water. Plastic surgery has no choice but to take the risk of such failure and perform surgery.
The third is “I can’t even want to return to my nose.” If you suddenly miss your old nose, it is difficult to get it back to your original nose after surgery.
The fourth is that you may be addicted to surgery. I’m afraid that I’m addicted to plastic surgery because I want to be more beautiful by performing surgery. Plastic surgery is not cheap to compliment, so be careful.


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