One of the best tool to search images from the web Google Images


Google Images

Google images is a very handy tool to search for photos easily and quickly. When you go to and type in a keyword you will see all images as results. For example, you can search for specific types, but also for the desired size of the images.

google image

How does Google Images actually work?

Google has special robots that search the internet every day for new information and images. Google images actually filters all the information and only shows the images. But how can Google images know which images belong to which keywords?
It all has to do with the underlying pages that contain images. Google images reads not only the images but also the descriptions, headers and alt texts of the images. But that doesn’t mean Google shows all images. Some websites have images that they have rights over. Google images is actually not allowed to show these images. If Google does, you can remove or block them from search results yourself.

Beware of copying Google images

It is of course very useful to be able to search through images, but there is also an invisible danger behind it. Many of the images that Google shows are copyrighted. And you have to be careful with that.

Suppose you have your own blog and you have found an image via Google images. You put this image on your blog without referring to the owner. If the owner sees you using his or her image on your blog, the owner can sue you. You are using the image without the owner’s permission. Many people have been sued for using images without the owner’s permission.


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