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Personal Hygiene Habits One Should Incorporate in Daily Life.


Personal hygiene for kids should be taught at an early age. Kids learn things faster when they are young. Their brains are like sponges that absorbs just about everything they come across with. This is why this is the best time to teach them basics and things that they will be bringing with them until they get older. One very important thing kids need to learn is personal hygiene. If they learn personal hygiene early on, they will be able to bring this with them until they become adults.

Personal Hygiene.
Personal Hygiene

What is Personal Hygiene for Kids?

Personal Hygiene is the cleanliness of the body and maintaining personal appearance. It involves many aspects beginning from making sure the body is clean to wearing clean clothes. For very young kids, they still won’t be able to understand why it is important but if explained well and see parents and other family members as a good example they will be able to appreciate why it needs to be done. When kids are taught of personal hygiene at an early age, it becomes easy for them to practice it until they get older.

What happens if a Kid has Poor Personal Hygiene?

Being clean is not just about looking good on the outside. It also adds up to being confident because you smell and look good. A child with poor hygiene may suffer from being teased by his/her peers and this is something that can greatly affect the child’s self-esteem. This is why personal hygiene for kids is really important.

Personal Hygiene for Kids

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene for kids actually has different aspects and they are as follows:

  • Body

Personal hygiene for kids all starts with a good bath. Being clean starts off with making sure that a child has taken a bath properly. This is where a child learns that by bathing, dirt and odor is eliminated. Showering every day is something that parents should teach their children as well as using products to help them stay clean and smell good such as shampoo and soaps or body wash.

  • Hand Washing

Although hand washing can be part of keeping a clean body, much emphasis is given to this because we know that kids make use of their hands most of the time from school to eating and playing. Which is why, it is very important to instill in kids to wash their hands before and after meals, after playing and after using the bathroom.

  • Oral Hygiene

A part of oral hygiene is brushing teeth regularly. It should be explained to kids that brushing teeth isn’t just about having good breath but it also is about making sure that the teeth and gums are clean and healthy and this is a good way on how they can avoid toothache and tooth decay. Take your kids to regular monthly visits to the dentist so that their perception that the only time to visit their dentist is when their tooth is going to be removed will be erased out of their heads.

  • Clean Clothes and Things

Finally, a part of personal hygiene is teaching a child to make sure that they are wearing clean clothes starting from their underwear to socks, shoes and their clothes. Kids should also be taught on keeping their other things clean including their room. Explain to your kids that being personal hygienic is good but it would be best to also make sure that the things they use and their room is clean as well.

Teaching personal hygiene for kids must also be according to their level of understanding and age. If you have toddlers with you, you can start off by teaching them how to brush their teeth and washing their hands. As they get older, you can slowly teach them how to bath properly and eventually clean their rooms. This way, responsibility and discipline is introduced to them until such time they learn to do things on their own.



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