Pitta Diet. 7 Useful foods that makes your body balance.


Pitta Dosha And Pitta diet

pitta diet
Pitta diet

Pitta translates roughly as fire. However, the term does not mean fire in the literal sense, in the way you might experience or sense it as candlelight or in an open fire. Pitta dosha, the heat energy in the body, is invisible. It manifests itself in your metabolism. When our food is broken down in the stomach and intestine,

The Pitta type and their characteristics

Fiery Pitta types are distinguished by being quick on the uptake and by their powerful intellect and ambition. These are born leaders, brimming with energy and strength and with a tendency to be perfectionists. Their drive is called passion. Their aim is to win. Pitta-influenced constitutions love a challenge, whether that’s professionally or in sport. They have an athletic build, and their aura is (unsurprisingly) fiery. Their hands and feet are never cold, even in winter. Pitta types love sweet things just as much as bitter flavours. And they love cold drinks.


Emotional strain or anger, high temperatures, excessive alcohol, meat, sugar and white flour can throw Pitta out of balance. The result is that the body is much worse at exploiting foods. Consequently, people with Pitta disorders struggle with upset stomachs, heartburn and diarrhoea. Their metabolism becomes hyperacidic, they burp frequently, perspire and are emotionally sensitive – all strong indications that the internal bodily bio-elements have become imbalanced. Other common symptoms include headaches and inflammation.

Workaholics are often individuals suffering from a Pitta disorder.


pitta diet

Mental challenges, sport, type-appropriate nutrition, regular meditation, sufficient relaxation, at least seven hours of sleep and the chance to retreat.

when enzymes are formed or hormones are released from the endocrine glands into the bloodstream – Pitta is always involved. This also means that everyone has Pitta bio-energy, which is primarily made up of the fire element. The water element also makes a (small) contribution.

Pitta pacifying diet

Begin the day with 1 tablespoon of melted cow’s ghee, as it pacifies pitta.

Eat three regular meals everyday as it helps to pacify the fiery Pitta.

  • As a rule, intake of sweet, hitter and astringent tastes decreases Pitta.
  • Consume a cup of cool cow’s milk, before going to bed. (Those with lactose intolerance can substitute cows milk with soy/almond milk). This can help in getting good sleep at night and reduce hyperacidity.
  • Herbal teas prepared with Hibiscus, Mint, Chicory and Dandelion calms down the aggravated pitta.
pitta diet
Types of foodPreferredMinimize/Avoid
VegetablesAll Green vegetables, Zucchini,Yellow squash. Sweetpotatoes, Potato,Cucumber, Pumpkin,Carrots, Beets, GreenBeans, Mushroom, FreshCorn, Brussel Sprouts,Cilantro, Artichokes,Pointed GourdRadish, Ginger,Eggplant Peppers,Tomatoes, Raw Onions, Raw Mangoes
FruitsSweet taste pacifies Pitta
– Sweet Apples, Sweet Berries, Ripened Mango,
Guava, Watermelon,
Papaya, Pears, Sweet
Plums, Sweet Orange,
Indian Gooseberry,
Sour taste – Grapes,
Oranges, Lemon,
Limes, Pineapple,
LegumesBlack Beans, Kidney
Beans, Long Beans,
Pinto Beans, Mung
Beans, Soy Beans  
Fermented Soy
SpicesCoriander, Mint Fennel,
Cumin, Turmeric  
Garlic, Ginger,
Pepper, Onions Caraway,
Asafetida Cinnamon, Mustard
CerealsRice (white, basmati,wild), Barley, Oats,Quinoa, Amaranth,Whole WheatBuck Wheat, Millet,
Brown Rice, Corn  
Milk Products  Whole milk (cool over warm),   Homemade
Cheese, Soy Milk,
Buttermilk with a pinch of sugar  
Yogurt Sour Cream,

Salted Sour Cheese  
MeatChicken, Turkey, Egg Whites, White fish like Tilapia, Goat MeatBeef, Lamb, Egg yolks, other seafood’s
Pitta Diet Chart
pitta diet


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