2.Siddha Medicine from Natural herbs.


One of the first Traditional mother medicine system in Universe.

Prevention is better than cure , Food is medicine medicine is food

Siddha medicine, a traditional system of healing that originated in South India and is considered to be one of India’s oldest systems of medicine nobody knows how old it is. The Siddha system is based on a combination of ancient medicinal practices and spiritual disciplines as well as alchemy and mysticism.


The word Siddhar is derived from the Tamil word ‘Siddh‘ meaning wise. Siddhars have ability to perceive the higher cosmic movements in universe. They are experts in all aspects including Yoga, Alchemy, Literatures, Philosophy, etc.. They have the ability to liberate their soul as well as the power to enter their soul in another body for a particular karma or act and then come back to their original body.

These scholars used to spent their life in experimenting the gifts of mother nature- the herbs, the minerals and the animals. As a result of their experiments, they could formulate so many valuable medicines which includes small herbal preparations to the potent medicines which have no expiry. They used to spend hours to days to years in formulating these medicines.

Their immense power of meditation and knowledge enabled the serpent power to generate from moolatharam and pass all chakras or atharas to finally reach sahasthratharam where they could experience the Ambrosia. They could live without food and water for years by the consuming this sacred nectar.


There are 18 Siddhars popularly known in Tamil literatures. Among them, the primordial Guru or Agasthiyar is the father of Siddha Medicine.

The 18 Siddhars are: Agasthiyar, Thirumoolar, Ramadevar, Konkanar, Kamalamuni, Sattaimuni, Karuvurar, Sundarananndar,Valmiki, Nandidevar,Pambattisiddhar, Boganathar, Macchamuni, Korakkar, Pathanchali, Dhanvanthiri, Kuthambai Siddhar and Edaikkadar.

It is said that these Siddhars attained Samadhi or attainment in different places but it is also believed that their souls are still present in this earth for guiding the true worshippers of this science.

In other words, it can be said that even this article which I have written is due to the influence of their spirits and aspirations.

2.The Philosophy of Siddha medicine

Practitioners of Siddha medicine are known as siddhars (or siddhas). According to Tamil tradition, there initially were 18 siddhars; these individuals often are portrayed as having received their knowledge of the Siddha system indirectly from the deity Shiva

Siddha medicine is one of the most ancient medical systems of India. Siddha is the mother medicine of ancient Tamils/Dravidians of peninsular South India. The word Siddha means established truth. The persons who were associated with establishing such a Siddha school of thought were known as Siddhars. They recorded their mystic findings in medicine, yoga, and astrology in Tamil.

Fundamental Principles of Siddha include theories of Five Elements (Aimpootham), and Three Forces/Faults (Mukkuttram). The Eight Methods of Examination (Envakai Thervukal) is used to determine diagnosis, etiology, treatment and prognosis. Siddha has safe herbal and herbo mineral treatment for psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, diabetic ulcer, warts, vitiligo, pemphigus, pompholyx, leprosy, and many more very common and rare diseases. Lifestyle modifications including diet are important.

Siddha Medicine has various divisions such as General Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, E.N.T. Ophthalmology, Toxicology, Psychiatry, Rejuvenation, External Therapy, Pressure Manipulation Therapy, Massage Manipulation Therapy, Pathology, Pharmacology and Dietetics

Their is purification therapy in siddha called Kayakalpa chikicha which is similar to Panchakarma therapy in Ayurveda.Ayurveda found from Siddha knowledge.Which means siddha is the one of the first medicine system in the Universe and the first language in the Universe Tamil.


Siddha Medicine’ means medicine that is perfect. Siddha Medicine revitalizes and rejuvenates the organs, the dysfunction of which is causing the disease. This brings back normal functioning of the organs. It also maintains the ratio of Vatam, Pittam and Kapham, thus maintaining the healthy state of the body. Since no artificial chemicals are involved, it doesn’t cause any side effects. The Siddha Medicine given to practitioners include leaves, flowers, fruit and various roots in a mixed basis. In some extraordinary cases this medicine is not at all cured. For those such cases they recommend to take Phasmas, Chindooras, Pathangas etc.

Most of the practicing Siddha medical practitioners are traditionally trained usually in families and also by different gurus(teachers). When the guru is also a martial arts teacher, he is also known as an Ashan.

4.Basics of siddha medicine

The basic concepts of the Siddha medicine are almost similar
to Ayurveda. The only difference appears to be that the Siddha
medicine recognizes predominance of vatham, pitham and kapam in
childhood, adulthood and old age, respectively, whereas in Ayurveda
it is totally reversed: kapam is dominant in childhood, vatham in old
age and pitham in adults.
As per the Siddha medicine various psychological and physiological
functions of the body are attributed to the combination of seven

  1. Saram (Digestive juice). Saram means Prana vayu (Oxygen)
    responsible for growth, development and nourishment;
  2. Cheneer (blood) responsible for nourishing muscles, imparting
    color and improving intellect;
  3. Ooun (muscle) responsible for shape of the body;
  4. Kollzuppu (fatty tissue) responsible for oil balance and lubricating
  5. Enbu (bone) responsible for body structure and posture and
  6. Moolai (Bone marrow- responsible for the production of RBC,
  7. Sukila (semen) responsible for reproduction.

Most of them did not know about the 18 tamil saint who rote the Yoga sutra one of the saint from 18 member called Pathanjali and the the Ayurveda belongs to Dhanvantari.

siddha system is the removal of the root causes of the disease and perfect remedy for body and mind. It also deals with the preventive aspect of disease their is no side effect from this.Because siddha system will not treat the disease directly .It is very low dosage of supplement to improve the immunity and it is very slow process according to the individual body type.


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