The best Natural Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss


Smoothies for Weight Loss

Need for Smoothies for Weight Loss
With millions if not thousands of people out there looking for a weight loss remedy, some would do every extent to try the most effective one. Because of the rising number of obese people, there have also been an increase in the number of weight loss supplements out there and one of which is the smoothies for weight loss. It sure may sound tasty but there is more we need to learn about smoothies for weight loss before you use it to find out if it is really what you’re looking for.

Smoothies for Weight Loss

What are Smoothies for Weight Loss?

Smoothies or a smoothie (also spelled as smoothy) is a sweet beverage that is made blending in fruits and even other ingredients such as chocolate. A smoothie may also have in it crushed ice, honey, syrup or sugar, milk and even yogurt or ice cream. It has a much thicker consistency compared to slush drinks. But because more people looking for ways to losing weight, smoothies are also made for this purpose. Smoothies for weight loss are made similarly except for the ingredients added in as they contain whey powder, green tea, soy milk, herbal or nutritional supplements.

Recommended Smoothies for Weight Loss

  • Fruits to use in Smoothies for Weight Loss

Smoothies for Weight Loss

The most common type of smoothie is made of fruits. Not only are fruit smoothies tasty but they happen to be naturally fiber-rich but low in caloric content making it perfect for losing weight. just a little caution though, you may want to be conscious of the fruit juices you add in as others tend to be high in sugar adding up calories so it would be best to stick to fresh fruit juice rather than the canned or packed ones. If you want to make your fruit smoothie creamy, you can add in yogurt. Great selections of fruits are bananas, berries and mangoes.

  • Vegetables to use in Smoothies for Weight Loss
    Vegetables smoothies are also called green smoothies because of the color that it gives out due to a combination of green, leafy veggies added to it. Vegetables also make a great smoothie because it lowers caloric count but is rich in vitamins and minerals that will provide you for the day’s nutritional requirement. Most common veggies used are spinach or kale and if you’re worried about the taste, choose a fruit that is tasty so that it will be appealing to your taste buds.
  • Other Choices available in Smoothies for Weight Loss
    You may also make your smoothie by using tea or water instead of fruit juice if you like. The great thing about just using water is that you are assured that from that alone you don’t get any calories at all. A great way of making sure your smoothie is low in calories is by looking for healthier alternatives in place of sugar.

Pros on Smoothies for Weight Loss

  • Smoothies may be used as a light meal replacement
  • Low in calories if they have the right ingredients
  • They are tasty but rich in vitamins and nutrients
  • Easy to make as the ingredients can be found anywhere (fruits, veggies, tea, water, etc.)
Cons on Smoothies for Weight Loss
  • Can get boring in the long run
  • You can end up malnourished if you don’t add in the essential nutrients
  • Can make you feel hungry if used as a meal replacement (especially if its lunch you’ll replace it with)

If you are really interested in losing weight using smoothies for weight loss way, you may want to give it a trial run for a few days to see on how long you are able to stick to it. Although a smoothie can be packed with great amounts of vitamins and minerals, you may have to be sure to check with your dietitian or doctor on how to prepare as calorie counting may be required as well as ensuring that your daily nutritional requirements are also met although not with just the smoothie alone but it should greatly contribute to it. So even if you are geared towards shedding off those extra pounds, do not compromise proper nutrition.


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