The best way Protein Shakes For weight loss.


Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

We may have heard about protein shakes for weight loss but there is still so much about it that we don’t know. So before we get to the part of knowing how it actually works for weight loss, we must first get to know what it is and other facts.

Protein Shakes For weight loss.

What are Protein Shakes for Weight Loss?

Protein Shakes usually come in the form of powder and are often termed as protein supplements. They are sometimes individually packed or in large cans but nevertheless contain important nutrients that our body needs after working out. Protein shakes are similarly made like other shakes where there’s ice on a blender only this time the protein powder is added to it along with either water or milk. Some people prefer to add in fruit or vegetables for extra vitamins and flavor too.

How does Protein Shakes for Weight Loss work?

First of all we need to understand why of all nutrients out there, protein is the one chosen. Protein is actually an essential nutrient when it comes to building muscle mass as well as keep off the unwanted fat in the body. There has already been research made on how effective protein shakes are for weight loss but of course, there’s a catch—you need to make sure to keep a low calorie diet and totally stay away from carbonated drinks and sodas.

According to health experts, in order to lose a pound a person should take-in a gram of protein so in that case, if you want to lose 120 pounds, you will have to also consume 120 grams of protein. Since people have different requirements for protein intake, it should be divided into six meals so that weight loss will happen but because some people have such hectic schedules, protein shakes are made for convenience.

When Is The Right Time to Take In Protein Shakes?

A protein shake may be used to replace meals BUT not every meal. It is recommended that a person takes in protein shakes for breakfast because after you have dinner, the minute you get up you have more or less fasted for an average of 8 hours already. With this, it becomes easier for the body to adjust to consuming proteins. Another ideal time to take in a protein shake is after working out because it is this time when our bodies attempt to replenish itself where muscles are repaired and rebuilt.

How to Use Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

  • Find out which is the right shake for you
    When you are planning to use protein shakes for weight loss, be sure to know which among the brands out there is the right one for you. They may all be protein powders but be sure to know what they are meant for as some are for muscle-builders and others for weight loss or weight gain. Keep a close eye on protein powders that will give you around 230 calories per serving and is of course low in fat. Since there are protein powders out there that are served in sachets, be sure to look into its serving of protein per shake which should be 25 grams of protein.
  • Drink protein shakes along with a good diet for balance
    Each of us have different dietary and metabolic needs. So if we start using protein shakes, some of us will be able to go along with it just fine as a meal replacement for a meal but others might end up lacking in certain nutrients. Because of this, it is recommended that a dieter makes sure that the protein shake that he/she will be drinking has enough nutrients in it especially if it will be used as a meal replacement. You can do this by adding in low fat or skim milk. Some will even add in fruits or vegetables. Of course, even if you have protein shakes with you, you are still required to eat balanced meals which means it should include a variety of healthy foods in it.
  • Know when the right time is to drink it
    This has been discussed earlier that in order for protein shakes to really work for weight loss, it must be drank at the right time. It would be fine to make it a meal replacement but it is most recommended during breakfast because it makes you feel full longer giving ample time to feel hungry again for the next meal. With the energy you’ll get from the protein shake, you will have all the power you need at the very start of your day.
Protein Shakes For weight loss.
Protein Shakes For weight loss.


  1. There is that possibility of adding in excess calories rather than cutting it out as some people should only take in protein if they are in dire lack of this nutrient.
  2. Too much protein intake as there are people who unconsciously is taking enough protein and drinking protein shakes might only be put to waste as it is considered excess.
  3. Find out what the price ranges are for protein powders are to make sure that you are still within your budget when on this kind of diet.
  4. Even if protein powders come in a variety of flavors (even unflavored ones) it can be quite hard to look for one that actually is appealing to our taste buds.
  5. Like any other diets, the safest way to start using protein shakes for weight loss is by actually seeking your doctor’s opinion first. It is essential to find out if adding more proteins to your body will help rather than harm you


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