Today we need to know Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels


Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels

Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels Excessive body weight can be stressful to the cardiovascular system and shorten the life expectancy of a normal healthy heart. The heart of an overweight person must pump a greater volume of blood at a faster rate. High cholesterol levels are associated with coronary artery disease and a host of other vascular and circulation problems. Keeping body weight under control helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels
Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels

Body Fat Percentage

Excessive body weight is likely to be a problem to your cardiovascular system only when your body fat percentage is well above an acceptable level: 32 percent for women and 25 percent for men. Increasing body weight through the addition of muscle mass from body building and ‘bulking up’ achieved through eating protein may not cause a cholesterol problem, as long as those proteins are also lean.

On the other hand, diets comprised of large volumes of simple carbohydrates such as refined cane sugar and/or high fat foods can contribute to a higher body fat. Much of the fat eaten will be stored as fat while excess carbohydrate will also be stored as fat.

Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels

Weight Loss Diets

People who are overweight and have high cholesterol levels should consider weight loss diets. Several programs specifically target cholesterol, fat and carbohydrate.

The most important consideration in a weight loss diet is that it has a suitable balance among all food categories. The best weight loss diets aim to reduce stored body fat by excluding saturated fats and including appropriate amounts of naturally occurring complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

Dieting to lose weight is not so much the issue as is changing food intake patterns. Aim for an ideal weight. Seek the advice of a nutritionist or dietician who can assist you in making good food choices. Complementing dietary changes with a regular program of exercise and relaxation techniques can further reduce your LDL level.


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