Ultimate way to weight loss Green tea Weight Loss


The Basics of Green Tea Weight Loss

 Green tea Weight Loss
Green tea Weight Loss

Green tea weight loss is one type of diet that has attracted lots of people who want to lose weight. Dieters who are in dire need to lose excess weight are looking for new ways on how to shed off those extra pounds. May it be a pill, diet, exercise, packed food or miracle drug, there will always be dieters who will try it one way or another but all these only guarantee a dieter one thing and that is results which is shown with weight loss. And just recently, the green tea has been introduced to the public which also helps in the dieting process. But with the many diets out there, what makes green tea different?

What is Green Tea?

All of the teas that we have come across with actually come from a single plant called Camellia sinensis that is grouped into four different kinds which are white tea, green tea, black tea and Oolong tea. How these four is being differentiated from the other can be done by the oxidation process. The best way to explain this is comparing it to an apple. Notice how the apple looks like when we chop it and leave it for a few minutes and we see that the inside has darkened—this is the oxidation process.

As for the teas, the highly oxidized tea is the darkest one which has more flavours and contains more caffeine. But green tea is the un oxidized one leaving it with less aroma and caffeine but the nutrients and antioxidants still remain. This could be one of the things why people go for green tea weight loss because it helps in weight loss and is good for the health.

How Green Tea Weight Loss Works

People may think that drinking green tea weight loss alone makes it impossible to actually lose weight but there are explanations as to how it may really work. Here’s how:

Green tea Weight Loss
  • Green tea weight loss helps in burning fat

When the food that we eat enters our body, it is being made into ‘triglyceride’ when it passes through the liver and small intestine and is then carried to other parts of the body. Triglyceride is what our body needs so that we can perform our daily activities thus it is very important. But when our body has too much of this substance, it is being stored as fat which causes excess weight. This is where green tea enters the picture because it has heaps of polyphenols which then triggers an enzyme to burn the excess triglyceride eventually causing weight loss.

  • Green tea weight loss stimulates metabolism and speeds up weight loss

Green tea contains EGCG or epigallocathecin gallate which actually stimulates our metabolism and speeds up weight loss. EGCG works better with caffeine that focuses on the central nervous system to release fat in the blood stream so that it may be used as an energy source of the body.

  • Green tea weight loss allows you to exercise much longer

Time and again, we have read how important it is in weight loss to always include exercise. This is where we allow our bodies to burn calories, pump up energy and tone the muscles. Green tea contains cathecin polyphenols which trigger the use of fatty acids by the liver and the muscles that can lower the pace of carbs used giving a person more endurance to exercise longer.

Benefits of Using Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea Weight Loss
  • It speeds up a person’s metabolism which means more calories are burned at a faster pace
  • It increases the ability of the body to burn fat
  • It lowers the fattening effects of the carbs that we consume
  • We get the advantage of getting more antioxidants compared to what we get from eating fruits and vegetables
  • Can work as a natural appetite suppressant which also helps in weight loss
  • Is also said to help to in lowering bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol

Side Effects of Green Tea Weight Loss
There is no doubt that green is safe but too much of it can also cause negative side effects especially with its caffeine content. Most of the people who have used green tea and consumed too much have reported to experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Sleeping problems
  • Restlessness


When there is over consumption of tea, kidney damage may occur because it contains oxalate but this is least likely to happen because according to experts you will need to consume great amounts of tea. For people who are allergic or are hypersensitive to caffeine or tannin, it would be best to avoid green tea because it may cause skin rashes and hives. Also, if you happen to be taking other drugs, be sure to first ask your doctor if you can drink green tea while under medication.

Pros of Green Tea Weight Loss

  • Increase metabolism
  • Increased fat oxidation and thermogenesis
  • Very easy to use as it may be substitute for coffee and other hot beverages
  • There are already capsules and tablets that contain green tea extract

Cons of Green Tea Weight Loss

  • Other people may not find green tea appealing
  • Some people think that drinking green tea as capsule or pill as inconvenient
  • Green tea can facilitate in weight loss but there is still not enough scientific study to back it up as the main reason for weight loss

Green tea weight loss alone will definitely not be enough in order to drop weight because you will still need to accompany it with the right diet and exercise. The many health benefits that green tea brings is unquestionable, although there have been numerous claims on how it is effective for weight loss there is still yet enough facts and evidence to back it up. What is important here is that even if you are drinking green tea, if you really want to lose weight you need to make sure that you make necessary changes in your lifestyle and not just solely rely on drinking green tea.


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