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Vitamin d deficiency treatment -Supplementation and Diet


Treatments for Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin d deficiency treatment

Vitamin D deficiency treatment is needed for those who are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin is really useful to build and strengthen our bones. Therefore this vitamin is significantly important as it is worth consuming as supplement or put in our daily diet.

There are a lot of causes of vitamin D deficiency such as lack of sun exposure, malabsorpstion. Malabsorption means ur body can’t break vitamin D down in proper way. And such symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are frequent sweating, can’t concentrate. And these symptoms can lead to ‘rickets’. Vitamin D deficiency treatment depends on the deficiency’s level.

Supplementation and Diet

Usually, you will be advised to consume vitamin D supplements every day if you are considered as vitamin D deficiency’s sufferer in milder stage. There is a term called RDA in vitamin D deficiency treatment.

It is Recommended Daily Allowance,  5 mcg (microgram) or 200 IU (international unit) if you are at the age between 14 and 50. Meanwhile, for you who are between 5 and 70, the RDA is 400 IU or 10 mcg. And 600 IU or 15 mcg for 71 years old men and older ones.

Such recommended foods considered as great vitamin D sources and vitamin D deficiency treatment are salmon, cod liver oil, sardines, fortified milk, and liver.

Sunlight Exposure

Vitamin d deficiency treatment

Sunlight is another great way to rapidly gain vitamin D. Our cells get the stimulation to produce this vitamin as the UVB or ultraviolet B hits our skin.

It is highly recommended in vitamin D deficiency treatment that we go out and get the sunlight for 10 minutes per day, by which our body produces 10,000 IU vitamin D a day.

If sunlight is hard to find, then you are advised to consult with your physician, and 800 to 1,000 IU is the recommended number per day if you hard to find sunlight as you don’t go outside.

Prescription Medications

Meanwhile, if you are suffering vitamin D deficiency in more serious level, you should get prescribed medication like hydroxylated cholecalciferol.

This form of vitamin D can be delivered through a liquid preparation. Children who are hard to take pills are advised to use this way of vitamin D deficiency treatment.

If you are considering to use this vitamin D deficiency treatment, then you should also consider the possibility of overdose as it may cause headaches, constipation, or nausea.



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