With the number of people suffering from Dengue fever seemingly on the rise every year, especially during the rainy season, the demand for a simple and inexpensive remedy has also been high. The good news is that researchers in India have managed to discover a good remedy for Dengue based on an old folk cure. It is none other than a decoction using the common Papaya leaf. Since they’ve discovered this, many people from India have managed to successfully and quickly cure Dengue without spending a fortune on hospital visits. The best news of all is that you can easily make it at home.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf

Today, the only known home-remedy for Dengue is by using the Papaya leaf, which is yet to become popular among doctors and the public. The juice or pulp made from the leaf of this plant is found to be quite effective not only in fighting the symptoms of Dengue fever, but also in curing it.

Specialists from the Indian Institute of Forest Management recently conducted a study on five patients. The outcome was amazing. Within 24 hours from drinking the juice made from Papaya leaves, all the subjects reported a significant improvement in their overall health and increased comfort. On top of all, it was noted that there were no side- effects.

After this study,the scientific world realized that Papaya leaves are not just helpful in fighting Dengue, but these also possess some extraordinary anti­cancer and anti-malarial properties. Some doctors have moved even further, beginning to recommend Papaya leaf as an integral part of chemotherapy treatments.

Other amazing benefits of Papaya leaves are that they can fight other viral infections such as the common cold virus. These amazing natural ingredients have been found to regenerate white blood cells and platelets. Not only that, they also contain over 50 ingredients that support the immune system, including important Vitamins such as A, C and E.

Prepare Papaya Leaf Juice at Home

For both of these methods, it’s very important to remember that Papaya leaf has to be raw, which means no boiling, nor cooking. Both methods have been reported to work well, but the leaves must be fresh, and do not make tea out of them.

1. The Juice Method. For this method, it is recommended to extract the juice out of Papaya leaves by crushing. This should be done after removing the stems and other fibrous parts of the leaf. After crushing, a cloth filter or any other type of device can be used to squeeze out the juice. However, it is necessary to use fresh leaves. If not, the results might not be as expected. You need about two leaves for each treatment. Take two tablespoons of juice every six hours, three times a day and you will certainly feel better.

2. The Paste Method. You can use a food processor or a grinder to turn the leaves into a paste. However, because it is quite bitter, it is recommended to mix it with some fresh juice. Take four teaspoons twice a day. After three days to one week, you will see the difference.

Expected Results

Most patients who suffer of Dengue see sign of improvements within 24 hours of starting the Papaya leaf treatment, and many are totally cured within three days. Almost everyone recovers within a week, while patients who simply wait it out take two weeks or more to heal, while suffering far greater pain and discomfort


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