What is the ABC diet? know more about it.


What is the ABC diet?

The ABC diet is a weight loss program geared towards extensive weight loss. The primary principle behind it is it that uses a different amount of calories every day to keep your body “guessing” and avoiding entering “starvation” mode or lowering your metabolism. Many restrictive diets use a fixed number of calories every day, and, as a result, your body starts to treat this as the new normal.

When that happens, weight loss slows down. Most of us who have dieted in the past have noticed how we quickly shed a few pounds, only to see our progress dwindle. The ABC diet plan attempts to avoid that through “zig zagging” your calorie intake on a daily basis.

 ABC diet

What is the ABC diet plan?

The ABC diet plan is a 50-day program. It is not advised to exceed the program for more than 50 days as weight loss is typically high, and your body will need additional nutrients.

Understanding the ABC diet is actually fairly easy.

Each day you are allotted a number of calories to eat in that day. The diet does not dictate what type of food you may eat, when you should eat it or how you should spread it out. Instead, you are given a total daily calorie count and it is up to you how you want to use it. Many people like this flexibility because some of us prefer a bigger breakfast, whereas some prefer larger dinners. The ABC diet gives you this flexibility.

The diet schedule


However, take note that the daily calorie count is fairly low, so you do need to plan wisely. It is not recommended to use your entire allotment in the morning and then be hungry until the next morning. Of course, you can modify the diet and still receive tremendous results.

ABC diet modification.

The ABC diet does call for periodic fasting days. Think of these as cleansing days. You will also notice how your calorie intake varies dramatically from the high end to the low end, and this again is to keep your metabolism high. People are also very successful on this diet even when they do not adhere to the fasting day. If you feel you need more calories, feel free to do so on your fasting day.

Typical results of the ABC diet

People have had tremendous success with this diet, losing anywhere from 15-25lbs. However, it is essential that you first consult a doctor before staring the ABC diet to make sure you are safe to engage in the diet. It can also be unsafe to lose that much weight depending on your current medical condition and current weight.


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