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Whole food vs processed food – You Know What to Choose


Whole food vs processed food which on is best

Whole food vs processed food nowadays eating healthy is a necessity, given the fast times that we live. In this way, having regular meals during the day won’t just help us with the necessary intake of energy, but it will also reduce the risk of diseases.

 So how do we recognize the healthy foods from the ones that aren’t so healthy? It is rather easy – everything that is caloric excessive is bad for the body, while everything that is nutrient dense is good.

Whole food vs processed food
Whole food vs processed food

Organic, natural, fresh are good

There are quite a few terms being thrown at a customer on the labels of foods. Organic, natural, fresh, and GMO (genetically modified organism) might mean nothing for most of the people.

 So how does one choose? Well, leave aside all of these if you can. The real separation should be between whole foods and processed foods.

The whole foods are nutrient dense (fiber, vitamins, minerals, with no added sugars and fat), while the processed foods are the ones with a high caloric count, but that have little to offer to your body (they are basically everything that a whole food isn’t).

To make it even simpler, whole foods can be considered the ones containing just an ingredient. Just like a baked potato is when compared to instant mashed potatoes.

The baked potato contains just that, while the instant mashed potatoes contain everything from potato flakes to natural flavors and trans-fats (and these are directly linked to heart diseases).

Sure, this does mean that you will have to leave aside the bacon and the sausages and eat instead lean meats and fresh meats. However, this will decrease the risk of falling ill.

And who says that you cannot come up with your own recipes that will taste even better than what you gave up?

Leave aside the canned fruits and the potato chips, for example, and eat instead fresh fruits and vegetables. Leave aside, as much as possible, the ice cream bars and the sweetened yoghurts and have low fat cheeses and milks.

whole foods don’t taste better

Of course – someone who isn’t used to eating healthy might say that whole foods don’t taste better. But, just like one gets used to eating junk food, one can get used to eating whole foods. And, in this case, less is actually more.

After all, being healthy is much more important than eating whenever you want and whatever you want.



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