5 powerful Yoga for diabetes to control the Sugar level on the blood.


Yoga for diabetes

Today we are going to see how we can control the Sugar level on the blood practicing 5 powerful yoga asana.

1.Pawanmuktasana (Yoga for diabetes)

To do  Pawanmuktasana  keep your legs along raise your right leg fold the knee interlock your fingers associated pull the knee to the chest suck the Pawanmuktasana inhaling raise your chest and head bring the nose to the knee strive more durable you’ll be able to do it yes maintain the posture with traditional respiration the stretches your huge muscles the thighs in massage is your heart it unharness the wind currently lower yourself and then unharness the leg straighten it raise the left leg fold the knee interlock the fingers pull the knee to the chest inhaling raise your head and nose touch the nose to the knee raise your shoulders yet pull more durable you wish.

Yoga for diabetes
Yoga for diabetes

 Tree State come back to return to come back and push hullo give know ourselves and release the leg currently each legs along fold the legs interlock the fingers pull the knees and currently roll forward and backwards once you go forward your feet bit the ground once you return your head touches the floor full roll to massage your spine everyone rocks okay currently roll to the left and also the right this is often the chance after deep relax.

2.Udarakarshanasana(Yoga for diabetes)

 The second asana called Udarakarshanasana   keep your legs along straighten your legs bring your arms within the perpendicular to the body with the palms on the bottom currently raise your right leg place the solely the only real}on the left high place the only the only real on the left high along with your hand hold the right knee pull the knee all the way down to the left aspect and switch your head to the right aspect pull it down as so much as you’ll be able to you see it’s stretching your whole body and it’s twisting your spine it’s got multiple advantages

 Udarakarshanasana  okay bring your knee back to the middle straighten the leg currently raise your left leg place the sole on the proper thigh with your right hold the left knee pull it down on to the proper aspect as far down as you’ll be able to go i am seeing all the kids all the teenagers arranging it to the bottom that is the sign of youth the sign of adulthood is stiffness to stay adulthood cornered by keeping your body versatile

Bring the knee back straighten the leg okay another variation fold your legs place the heels to the cheeks keep your arms perpendicular inspire  take your knees to the left and also the head to the proper so you’re you alright buttocks  comes off the floor and also the left knee is touching the ground this is Udarakarshanasana , back to the center are he the opposite way the knees to the proper and head to the left so your left  buttocks comes off the ground and right knees on the floor observe there is a force on the spinet’s extremely useful for the health of your spine  back to the center.

3. Dhanurasana(Yoga for diabetes)

Yoga for diabetes

To do this dhanurasana lying face down please  on the bow pose fold your legs and hold the feet or ankles if you discover issue you hold one so pull so hold the opposite one currently inhaling raise your chest and head arch backwards so raise your thighs this point only the stomach on the floor maintain the posture with traditional respiration this is often healing for the spine it stretches the front slowly lower yourself and once you’re down then you release the feet.

4.Tadasana(Yoga for diabetes)

 This called  the tree posture keep your feet six inches apart interlock your fingers place the palm on the pinnacle the palms within the upward direction focus your gaze on some extent in front of you it’ll assist you maintain your balance inhaling raise your heels raise your hands and stretch yourself specializing in some extent before of you will assist you maintain your balance this is often the tree posture stretching your biological process metabolic process circulatory endocrine systems maintain the posture .

Yoga for diabetes

 This is often a wonderful posture for harmonizing the body for rejuvenating it once official procedure  bring your handily feet along shut your eyes take deep breaths.


Yoga for diabetes

 To do Manduasana please sit on vajrasana  left foot below the left buttock right foot below the proper buttock if you’re neither painting then simply keep sitting within the cross-legged pose wrap your thumbs with the fingers place the fists on the navel the thumb side towards the abdomen we’re going to do the mandusana for massaging the stomach  breathing  he breath bend forward chest to the Tice and then look

before and maintain the posture with traditional respiration those that have back aches mustn’t do forward bending  next variation left palm the stomach right palm on the left palm breathe in 1st bend forward this is often smart for toning up the pancreas cell by secreting internal secretion it’s smart for polygenic disease and heart patients .

If you do regularly this 5 powerful Asanas  it is very good for the digestive system to control the sugar level in the blood.


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